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Akershus_fPrior to occupying the building the Royal Palace which is used now, members of the royal medieval Akershus Castle uses as a residence. Akershus castle and fortress building was made in 1299 and experienced a variety of changes in the function fit the changing times, a bastion of attack Sweden in 1592, as a renaissance castle in 1637, was even used as a prison in the early 19th century. Now, in addition to still function as a military area, Akershus opened to the public and become one of the tourist destinations in Oslo.

Akershus is located right next to the Oslofjord, not far from Oslo Opera House or the Oslo City Hall, and clearly visible from Aker Brygge. Akershus building complex was very spacious, besides the fort and medieval castle, there is also Norwegian Resistance Museum, Norwegian Armed Forces Museum and some of the buildings are now used as government offices. Very happy if you walk in Akershus, this place really beautiful, photogenic, and save a lot of history associated with World War II.

Travelers will shudder at the sight of the place that’s home to the Norway shooting execution by German soldiers during World War II. There says they fought, they fell, they give us everything. This place became a place Norwegian patriot who was shot during the war from 1940 to 1945. It is said that Norwegian soldiers lined up in this spot for later shot dead by the Germans.

Although the region with military status and save the dark history during World War II, Akershus not look dark or melancholy. Old buildings still managed well, some even used as an office building and museum administration. Walkways shaded by lush trees and garden lighting, carpets of wildflowers adorn lawns and cobbled cobblestone add a thick atmosphere of a medieval castle.

Several guards with the same uniform with the guard at the Royal Palace seen manning the post, look alert and put a cool face to tourists who come. The main thing that distinguishes the guard at the Royal Palace and Akershus was a guard at Akershus touring around the area. So you can find a guard who was walking with body strapping around Akershus. As usual, they are always the target object by tourists. Funny, every passing guard, surely the tourists directly perpetuate their movement with the camera. According to some websites, Akershus jjuga have any action changing of the guard at 13.30.

Akershus castle has several rooms that can be visited, such as Akershus Castle Church, The Royal Mausomelum, meeting members of the government, and a banquet hall. To get into the Akershus and see all of the room charged 70 NOK or free if you use the Oslo Pass. The scene outside the castle is no less amazing, and can be enjoyed for free.

Given the function of Akershus in the past as a fortress, not surprisingly, Akershus has a location right on the edge of the Oslofjord. If the first location is handy to withstand enemy attacks coming from the direction of the sea, now the location of these members are truly spectacular view of the Oslofjord. At the edge of the castle, in the old cannons are not used anymore, visitors can see the sights of the Oslofjord, enjoy the dynamics of the city, see the big ships anchored at the edge of the dock, greet passengers do not know though, bustling view of Aker Brygger from a distance, smell the salt seawater faint wind, and hear the clang of hours of Oslo City Hall. Tourists will feel mild heart peace that permeates all the sights.

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