Walking Around Slottsskogen and Celebrations of Nationaldag

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Tower_in_Slottsskogen,_side_viewSlottskogen is the largest park in Gothenburg, within walking distance of Slottsskogen Youth Hostel. Slottskogen day of my visit to coincide with the Nationaldag celebrated in the park. Can not wait feels like to see another country’s independence day celebration and share the joy with the local community. Nationaldag celebration lasted exactly noon and you have the opportunity to go around the large garden. Slottskogen park was quiet when I got there. Wide green field yet crowded with people selling though some tents with Swedish flag began to appear in some corners. Slottsskogen visited by Gothenburg residents typically used as a picnic area, a barbeque, spend time with family, sports, or pet dog relax. Gothenburg government looks very attentive to the needs of citizens will open green space and can accommodate all the activities.

In addition to the extensive grounds as green space, Slottsskogen also has a hill to climb to the pedestrian path that is filled with tall trees. Climb that hill like trekking in the forest, there is a very steep incline and you must frequently stop to just breathe. Trekking along the provided spot stop to see the sights around. When stopped at one spot, I was surprised that the view from the hills I pass contour. Largely dominated by a large stone staircase up to the top of the hill.

From trekking path I followed directions to Djugardarna, one of the zoo’s in Slottsskogen. After passing some rise and fall, I got to the barn animals with large enough size. I salute the setting Djugardarna cage in cages for the animals instead of as separate buildings purposely built to narrow the existing animal movement, rather it is a hilly area which is sealed with a wire fence. Such circumstances make the animals are not stressed because the natural contours are not different from their original habitat.

Various animals typical Nordic fill high wire cage. There is a mountain goat that is larger than the size of ordinary goats with horns and a long bushy beard, there is also a curly sheep sheltering under a tree with their group. At the zoo was an elk looks accompanied by two children who still look thin, but very high. Apparently this lazy elk family up and moving so I can not see their original height.

Down the winding staircase zoo makes me get lost in other zoos in Slottsskogen. The zoo called Zoo and Barnerns specifically for children. Even so, adults are also not forbidden to come and see the animals. Unlike the Djugardarna, the size of the cage at Zoo Barnerns more cute and small children excitedly running round the cage. I like most animals at the Zoo is Barnerns frisky penguins swimming and splashing water towards the frequent visitors. Penguin behavior is sassy and likes to be the center of attention makes them continue to perform acrobatic style swimming playfully with another penguin. Under the scorching sun with children who were in the right and left, I come laugh when see behavior of penguins.

Once satisfied with the penguin attraction, I returned to the Slottsskogen park. In contrast to the condition of the park is quiet and empty when I came the first time, this time the sea of ​​people already meet the park and ready to celebrate Nationaldag. Parade marching band who first opened the event Nationaldag. Visitors crowded the sidewalks begin to capture the moment without realizing it and I followed the parade lineup because he would not lose the moment when the parade took place. After marching band lineup is complete, there is another row carrying the Swedish flag and symbol of Gothenburg. Faction that followed next was the most interesting line of the group, older people play an instrument traditionally Swedish and Swedish traditional costume.

Then followed the ranks of other couples who are also dressed in traditional Swedish. The women wear a long skirt with a wide color motif combined with a vest that covers long-sleeved white top and decorated with cloth caps and baskets in hand. Meanwhile, the men vest use long-sleeved white shirt has black pants and hat trimmings plus a cloth that covered the head. Decorated with cheerful faces smile, they crossed the park while waving to the cameras follow their movements. The entire group gathered at one stage parade in the middle of the park.

The area around the stage was filled with visitors who hold a picnic blanket and did not leave empty space. I started looking for a tiny fraction of the space and can be occupied. The sun was starting to feel the sting and stab. I am looking for a shady place to avoid the sun. I managed to find a spot under a less three behavior because visitors want to sunbathe enjoying the sunshine.

In one corner the other in the Garden of Gothenburg Slottsskogen people gathered dressed in traditional Swedish costume. I joined the visitors that come together to form a circle. In the center there is a small hall with a few couples dressed in traditional costumes dance folk dance folk song while accompanied by NACA cheerful. Event committee kindly invite some visitors to join and dance together in the hall. After a little guidance about simple dance moves that will be made, all the people in the hall began to dance with a light step and make the rounds throughout the hall. The audience does not want to miss the dance and enjoy the music played and the members tap the rhythm of music and the song being sung.
Everyone’s in the afternoon it looked Slottsskogen share the joy. For local people or tourists who happened to come to this city, all fused in the city park and also celebrate the joy Nationaldag Sweden.

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