Gothenburg Botanical Garden Explore Guide

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Photo by Hannes Rydén
Photo by Hannes Rydén

In addition to having a number of public parks is a green oasis in the bustle of the city, Gothenburg also has a botanical garden with an area of ​​175 hectares that is claimed as the largest botanical garden in Northern Europe. Gothenburg Botanical Garden is located right in front of Park Slottsskogen, of Park Slottsskogen you just a leisurely walk through the residential areas to get to this place.

If you curious with flora collection owned by Gothenburg Botanical Garden, there certainly are many plants typical of Northern Europe with a variety of shapes and colors that have never been seen before. There is no fee you must pay to enter the Gothenburg Botanical Garden.

Rabbit with carrot image assembled from a variety of plant types and colors become the first sights seen when entering Gothenburg Botanical Garden. Pond in the front garden that rabbits should not be lit so that water emit heat without unstoppable attack.

A little number of trees make the air was hot and stifling, but it does not discourage visitors to sit around the pool. In the garden rabbit made staircase decorated with flower beds and trees of various kinds. The walkway stretches filled with red flowers, white, purple, and orange mingle with the beautiful background of the dominant green color.

Parks in hill will direct you to the other parks. Area Gothenburg Botanical Garden is divided into several parks and gardens in accordance with the specifications of each. Like a vegetable garden, rose garden, garden living pharmacy, or orchard. In addition to containing a variety of gardens filled with plants, Gothenburg Botanical Garden also has a vast grass field that can be used as a picnic area. Right in the middle of the field made a small gazebo that is populated with a pair of old aristocratic costume.

It takes almost a day to explore all the places in Gothenburg Botanical Garden. You also need to prepare extra power for contour erratic, sometimes uphill and sometimes downhill, almost similar to the contours of the hills. If you have time, you can bring a lunch to eat while sitting in the garden because it is more fun than lunch at the café are available at the Gothenburg Botanical Garden.

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