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Skansen_Kronan_GbgHaga is the oldest area in the city of Gothenburg. Haga is a suburb inhabited by the working class and has a bad reputation. Renovation in that area is done in stages since 1980 and started to become a popular place for tourists or people Gothenburg. Haga stand with architectural wooden houses and a variety of unique buildings with brick base material and atmosphere of the 19th century. Cobblestone streets and wide Haga large enough, members of freedom for visitors to explore while walking Haga.

When foot tired, visitors can stop by one of the cafes or restaurants for a drink coffee at one of the benches cafe, unwind and enjoy the atmosphere Haga. Besides filled with cafes and restaurants, shops selling books, jewelry, clothing, and souvenirs also enliven the Haga area and ready to satisfy the shopping desires of the visitors who want to hunt Antic as a souvenir.

Nationaldag today, I visited Haga and this area like a ghost town. We explore around Haga while enjoying the unique atmosphere of the city with buildings and met some locals who happened across Haga. Benches lined café terraces, indicating that this place is a favorite cafe or restaurant is visited by many guests.

Shop signs sway with the wind, and when I peeked those stores, some souvenir Gothenburg like of transparent windows facing directly onto the stone street in Haga. You are not Nationaldag and all the cafes, shops, and restaurants opened this area will definitely crowded with tourists and a lot of people passing Gothenburg.

In Haga District seen a building that caught my attention. With a golden crown on top, the building seemed to invite me to come. Located on a hilltop with a fairly steep winding staircase. I started up the stairs one by one to be able to see more clearly the shape of the building. Haga District scenery starts to look smaller down there and Gothenburg city landscape starts to look clear, indicating that the stairs I passed quite high. With breath began to run out and the wind is blowing pretty hard, I reached the top of the stairs. There stood a beautiful building perched on a hilltop. Skansen Kronan welcomed me.

Kronan Skansen was built in 1687 and was made as a bastion of the enemy attack. Actually, the castle was never under attack and 23 cannon inside is never used. Skansen Kronan began to lose value as a fortress in 1854 as Skansen Kronan was used as a prison. In 1870 changed again function as a shelter for homeless and now Skansen Kronan used as a banquet for all occasions.

The most prominent part of Skansen Kronan is a crown is placed exactly at the top of the castle and became a symbol of Skansen Kronan. The Crown is made of real gold. I can not get into the Skansen Kronan as a private area. I just enjoy the design of the exterior of the building alone and staring at the crown which makes Kronan famous Skansen. In the yard around Skansen Kronan ancient cannon placed initial function is to assert that the building and giving the overall impression of the antic atmosphere on a hilltop. Not much can be done on a hilltop, only Skansen Kronan quiet atmosphere and beautiful scenery that can be enjoyed from the top of the hill made me feel at home to spend time there. Just by walking around the hills surrounding the Skansen Kronan, I could see the landscape scenery of Gothenburg, a small town that looks modern with expansive ocean coast.

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