Vacation in Philippines National Museum and Manila City Hall

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Intramuros_GardenIf you have travel around complex of Intramuros, you can continue your tour to the National Museum which is located on a street corner near Rizal Park. Yellow building looks magnificent maroon look from a distance. National Museum of Philippines opened to the public and visitors with no charge for admission. Visitors are only allowed to carry valuables such as cash, wallets, cell phones, and cameras, bags can be deposited with the clerk receptionist.

The large building has four floors that holds the collection of ancient relics which explains the culture and civilization of the country’s ancestors. Here also there is a special national museum for the arts, the National Art Gallery. National Museum which contains the political history and the history of the struggle for independence the Philippines is near Rizal Park.

Not far from the museum, you will see there are ornate iron dome tower cross. This building is the Manila City Hall. You can walk about 500 meters past a few blocks to get to the Manila City Hall. City Hall is one of the landmarks of Manila City. City Hall opened to the public from 09.00 until 17.00 from Monday to Friday. The building is architecturally resemble coffins, shaped boxes and at each end there is a clock tower mounted crucifix. On the sidewalk around City Hall, you will find a lot of sellers of mobile phone accessories such as chargers, covers, and used mobile phones.

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