Holiday Travel to Rizal and Ocean Park

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Manila_Ocean_ParkYou can continue your sightseeing activities towards Rizal Park in Manila. You can walk back past the National Museum to get to Rizal Park. This place is one of the city parks in Manila’s famous and has a lot of historical knowledge. Rizal Park is a city park once the historical sights. This city park has some interesting facilities, such as miniature map of the Philippines which is made in a pond, there is a giant statue of Lapu Lapu, which is the first Filipino freedom fighters who managed to kill the leader of the Portuguese colonizers, Ferdinand Magellan. In addition to the giant statue of Lapu-lapu, there is also a bust of the hero who lined up on the right side and left the water park. An important part of the Rizal Monument, Rizal Park is located at the front of the city park. This monument is always guarded by two guards who always stood at attention in front of the monument, such as the British royal police guard who always stand upright without moving a little.

Jose Rizal park is always full of visitors on Saturday and Sunday afternoons became a favorite place for people to encourage families to play together in the park. Just across Rizal Park, Roxas Boulevard on the edge, there are water rides Minla Ocean Park tour. The lazy river is claimed to be the largest oceanarium in Asia, with an area of ​​8000 square meters. In the oceanarium there are 400 species of marine fish. To be able to go to Manila Ocean Park, you need to pay 400 pesos for general ticket. In this place you can do activities such as snorkeling or diving in the sea.

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