Tour Around the Old City of Intramuros

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Intramuros_EntranceOld City of Intramuros tourist destination you can be the first one, when they first came to Manila. You may be able to walk in the center of the Old City of Manila. What you first see when entering this complex is the gate of Fort Santiago which is the main gate of the City of Manila in the past. Classic feel will be felt when entering the complex. classical music playing in every corner of the park will add a thick atmosphere of a classic here. Entrance to the complex of the Old City of Intramuros at 75 pesos.

Fort Santiago is located in the Pasig River, near Manila Bay. In the past in the Philippines there are Islamic empire led King Sulayman based in Fort Santiago, before later conquered by Spain, Spanish and make Fort Santiago as the center of government, and building into the old town is thick with atmosphere Spain. Spain also established a magnificent Catholic Church. This place was also once occupied Japan and the United States during World War II.

Building magnificent forts and ruins the rest of the building looks clearly shows that this place is one of the important historical witness to the Filipino people. Fort Santiago in the complex of buildings which are also called Rizal Shrine, which is the room that contains a collection of relics of Jose Rizal. Jose Rizal is one of the Philippine national hero who was known to be brave against the Spanish colonizers and mastered 22 foreign languages.

In the past here there is a 6-meter high wall with a length of approximately 3 km, there are 12 pieces church was, hospitals, schools, military barracks, and also the king’s palace. However, along with the war and change of power in the past, so now it’s not all buildings can be found.

After an hour down the complex sudt Fort Santiago, you can sit in the park is cool and beautiful, while enjoying chanting classical music continues to be heard.

You can continue your tour to Manila Cathedral, which is just a few blocks from Fort Santiago. According to history, the construction of the Manila Cathedral began in 1951, during the reign of Miguel Lopez. It was named Church of Our Lady. The original church was built using wood. However, many things happen, like a fire in Intramuros, hurricanes and earthquakes are common in the Philippines, as well as bombs in World War II. This is destroying the Manila Cathedral, and now must undergo many renovations. Now the Manila Cathedral to be one of the magnificent church in Intramuros complex.

Not far from the Manila Cathedral, there is a church that has been named as World Heritage by UNESCO, namely the San Agustin Church. Like the Manila Cathedral, a church that was founded in 1571 it was not uncommon stricken, ranging from hurricanes, fires, and earthquakes. The interesting thing about this church is the beauty contained in the interior. Opening hours every day from 08.00. in addition there is also the church of San Agustin Church, which will explain to tourists about the church that have historical importance for the people of the Philippines.

Done in the area around the Old City of Intramuros, you can stop at a store along the way Gen Luna. In this area there are many shops selling food simple.

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