Travelling in the Cordilerra

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Ifugao_Rice_TerracesCordilerra to roam, you can start using the bus departing from Florida Bus Station located in Benaue, then use the shuttle jeepney to Green View Hotel. From the hotel, you can use the Jeepney headed to Batad to see the famous rice terraces. To get to these attractions, you need to be trekking for 2 hours to get to the village of Batad. In this village there is a pretty good lodging Batad Raymonds House. From the inn, followed 4 hours trekking to the Rice Terraces and see the waterfall.

In addition to seeing Batad Rice Terraces, you can also see the beautiful scenery in the mountains of Ifugao. Bontoc town located not far from the tourist attractions can also be visited for a time while sauntering around in the downtown.

For those of you who want to see the beauty of the cave Sumaging, you can continue the journey toward Sagada from Bontoc. From the Tourist Info Center you can directly go to the Cave Sumaging. If you want to go back home to Manila, you can use the bus to the Dangwa Bus Station in Baguio City.

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