Transportation Guide in Cordilerra

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BanaueThere are only two buses that serve the trip from Manila to the Banaue, namely Auto Bus Line and Florida Bus Line. Pool bus Florida Bus Line can be found in SH 1415 Loyala St. Sampaloc. Schedule Banaue departure to 2 times a day, ie at 21:10 and 22:45. trip fare from Manila to the Banaue by using the Florida Bus Line 400 pesos, with a journey time of about 9 Hours.

If you want to use the Auto Bus Line, you can go to the corner between Catalunya and Espana St. Sampaloc, right behind Florida Bus terminal. Schedule set out at 22:00. Check that you have to pay for 462 pesos. If you want to go back to Manila from Banaue, you can use the Florida Bus will depart at 20:00, while the Auto Bus Line departing at 17.30.

Journey of Banaue to Batad can be reached using the regular Jeepney from Banaue to Junction. Jeepney regular departure time can not be ascertained. The rates you are charged for 150 pesos. From Junction leading to Batad, you need to walk for 4 hours. Such trekking is not recommended if you do not know the circumstances.
Other transportation of Banaue toward Batad is to use the shuttle jeepney. Schedule a jeepney shuttle departure depends on the number of members of the group will be there. The more people, the cheaper the fare. Suppose for six people, it will cost 350 pesos and 300 pesos to go home because the road to decline. If using the shuttle jeepney, you can stop at a dead end and then trekking for the last 2 hours.

From Banaue towards Bontoc there are two choices of transportation, namely buses and jeepneys. There are 3 times a day schedule bus departing from Banaue to Bontoc. This bus is majoring in Baguio to Bontoc bus that passes Banaue.

Jeepney operates regular 3 times a day starting at 7:00 until 14:00, depending on the amount of quota of passengers. Rates start from 150 pesos jeepney. journey time approximately 2 hours.

Scheduled departure jeepney from Bontoc to Sagada hanging from the jeepney which departs from Sagada to Bontoc. There are 10 trips in a day for a jeepney from Sagada to Bontoc. Travel time is approximately 1 hour. The rates should you pay about 35 pesos.

There are two buses from Baguio to Sagada, namely GL and Lizardo Trans bus. In a day there are 6 times of departure. These frequent departures from canceled due to weather reasons.

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