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Storkyrkan_StockholmIf you’re on vacation in Stockholm, there is no harm in visiting some old church who became the icon of the city of Stockholm. In addition to the historical development of the nation know swedish, you can also see the beautiful architecture of the church that was never cracked by the time despite hundreds of years old. The following are some churches that can be used as a recommended place for you to visit.


Storkyrkan or Thre Great Church has another name or Stockholm Stockholms Domkyrka and Sankt Nikolai Cathedral or the Church of St. Kyrka. Nicholas. The church is the oldest church in Gamla Stan and located right next to the Royal Palace. Two central buildings seemed complementary, of Royal Palace seen Storkyrkan tower that seems to dominate the sky. Located adjacent to each other and Storkyrkan large size, makes this church is often used as a last major event in the history of Sweden.

Storkyrkan a silent witness to the coronation of the King, the Royal Wedding, to the royal funeral. The last Swedish king was crowned in Storkyrkan was Oscar II in 873, while the Crown Princess Victoria married Daniel Westling in Storkyrkan on 19 June 2010. That is the same date when the parents Princess Victoria, King Carl XVI Gustav and Queen Silvia, they married in 1976 in Storkyrkan.

Interior Storkyrkan by ultimate wood carving Saint George and The Dragon is made by Bernt Notke. A copy of the statue of Saint George and The Dragon is made of bronze and displayed in Osterlanggatan who still are in the Gamla Stan. The statue is so well known that a few souvenir shops around Osterlanggatan put the logo Saint George and The Dragon in front of their store. Storkyrkan also have a copy of the painting Vadersolstavlan or The Sun Dog Painting depicting halo that appears in the sky Stockholm in April 1535. To enter and enjoy the interior of the church and feel the history of the church is to witness this Swedish please pay 40 SEK or free if you use the Stockholm Card.

In accordance with the literal meaning of Storkyrkan, this church is big. Difficulty my camera to capture images of the entire building Storkyrkan. In addition to a very large building, a small alley flanked Storkyrkan Gamla Stan so the range is limited photo. Souvenir shop in front Storkyrkan selling postcards with pictures of the royal family. Moment of the royal wedding is still fresh with the photo is a dominating pair Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling. Gossip about their relationship and marriage among the celebrity beat both Sweden. For a constitutional monarchy like Sweden, gossip about the royal family is more in demand than gossip about celebrities.

Riddarholm Kyrka

Riddarholm Kyrka or Riddarholm Church is a church that has been converted into the royal burial or last rest place for King and Queen of Sweden since 1807. Swedish king and queen buried in a marble sarcophagus filled with ornaments. Riddarholm Kyrka located in Riddarholmen Island, sandwiched between Gamla Stan and Kungsholmen. Besides having Riddarholm Kyrka as a major tourist destination, panoramic Stockholm City Hall looks very charming from the island. price of admission to Riddarholm Kyrka around 30 SEK.

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