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Göteborg_från_LisebergBefore traveling to Oslo, you can also stop by to Goteborg or Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden after Stockholm. Gothenburg is a city that is located right on the Swedish west coast and have always busy harbor with big ship passing through the waters.

Gothenburg is populated by many students studying at campus famed Swedish. It made the small town feel active and dynamic with the dynamics of the population and at the rate the economy. For a tourist destination, Gothenburg has a reputation as a city that is friendly to tourists, especially backpackers travelers. Price of daily necessities in Gothenburg cheaper than in Stockholm.

You can use Swebus to leave for Gothenburg because ticket prices are cheaper than by train. In addition to using the bus, Gothenburg can be achieved using SJ Trains departing from Stockholm Centralstationen towards Centralstationen Gothenburg. Train ticket prices are more expensive than the bus, but the train ride is more comfortable and faster. Another way is by plane headed Gothenburg. Major airlines, such as SAS, landed at Landvetter Airport is located 25 km from the center of Gothenburg. In addition, the available bus Flygbussarna from Gothenburg Landvetter Airport heading Nills E Terminalen.

Bus will depart at 24.00 from Stockholm Centralterminalen. I deliberately chose a night bus to save on costs grounds for overnight accommodation even though I can not promise to sleep comfortably. When you get to Stockholm Centralterminalen, I was amazed to see transport system in Sweden is neat. All bus schedules are listed in the LCD monitor, bus name, the hour of departure, destination, and number of gate where the bus is located. Just like at the airport.

To be towards Gothenburg, you can choose a bus with destination Copenhagen. Then you need to move the bus to the destination in the city of Jonkoping to Gothenburg. After a further three hour journey to Gothenburg, bus began to enter Nils Ericson Terminalen Gothenburg. In the terminal there are already several people carrying a large backpack lying on the seats available, some others fell asleep with a bottle of beer beside them.

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