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Among the many museums, churches, and tourist attractions in Stockholm, following some of the attractions to be highlighted and can be selected for a visit.

Vasa Museet

Existence reinforces the Vasa Museet Swedish history with the Vikings. Vasa ship that became the museum’s main exhibition at the sunk maiden voyage, namely in 1628, and 333 years later salvaged from the seabed. Gustavus Adolphus king ordered the construction of the warship to show the Swedish maritime power. Vasa ship’s maiden voyage which started on August 10, 1628 sank after a distance of nearly 1300 meters.

Currently Vasa ship permanently docked at the Vasa Museum is located on the island of Durgarden. The condition of the ship was so old and frail to make visitors can not go up to the Vasa Ship. The museum is built in tiers so that visitors can see every part of the Vasa ship filled with detailed carvings.

From the outside the building looks Vasa Museet three poles on the roof of the museum which shows the height of the real pole Vasa Ship. In the museum right around the Vasa ship, there are nine different exhibits that tell of life in the Vasa Ship. The price of admission to the museum is 100 SEK or free if you use the Stockholm Card.

Nordiska Museet

Nordiska Museet or The Nordic Museum is a museum dedicated to the cultural history and ethnography of Sweden in the modern age to the contemporary period. The museum exhibits include a collection of residences, furniture, clothing, toys, and all sorts of objects that reflect the culture and traditions of Sweden from prehistoric times to modern times.
Nordiska Museet is located on the island of Djurgarden is also adjacent to the Vasa Museet. After a stop at the Vasa Museet, you can go to this museum. price of admission to the Nordiska Museet for 80 SEK or free if you use the Stockholm Card.

Nobel Museet

Nobel Museet museum is dedicated to disseminate information about the Nobel Prize, Nobel Prize winners from 1901 to the present, and the story of the life of Alfred Nobel laureate who initiated the award. The underlying spirit of Nobel Museet is the desire to commemorate the achievements of the winners. Nobel, Nobel Prize history and Alfred Nobel. All that is displayed in the museum is expected to be a reflection of the world that elbih good life. Objects in the exhibition include several Nobel Museet Pulitzer-winning photo with information about the character, movies, and debates related to science. Miraculous exhibition held every month to discuss specific themes and figures associated with the achievement of the Nobel laureate.

One of the highlights is a Nobel Prize Bistro Museet is located on the Nobel Museet. The cafe is not only famous for the Nobel Ice Cream is always a dessert at a dinner at the Nobel awards ceremony, but every chair at Bistro Nobel signed by Nobel laureates who have visited the museum. If the Nobel Museet chance to come by and try a dish at Bistro Nobel, do not forget to flip the seat being occupied because who knows your seat signed by the Dalai Lama.

Nobel Museet is located in Gamla Stan area right on the main square Stortorget. The admission price around 70 SEK or free if you use the Stockholm Card.

Grona Lund

Another tourist attraction is offered Djurgarden playground Grona Lund. Amusement park has developed since 1883 and has 30 attractions game. Grona Lund relatively small size and is located right on the seafront. Roller coaster mainstay Grona Lund, like Jetline and Twister. Want dropped from a height of 80 meters or rotated with a speed very quickly with a variety of rides Grona Lund? Please stop by to Grona Lund. It’s just, you have to queue for saba Grona Lund visitors very much and dominated families with small children. The admission price around 90 SEK or free if you use a Stockholm Card, to ride any rides a different charge.

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