Travel Around Bergen of Norway Fyord

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Bergen_Station_with_three_trainsxNSB train that carries you away to Bergen and Oslo left the Metropolis. Bergen is the second largest city in Norway and never deserted of tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the Norwegian fjords. The Gateway to Norway Fjord is a slogan echoed by Bergen. This is one reason many tourists who go to Bergen, to see Norwegian famous fjords.

Bergen is a place synonymous with adventure in the outdoors and offers a panoramic view of the natural beauty of Norway such as waterfalls, mountains, fjords, forests, hills, and lakes. All views of the surrounding city of Bergen is spectacular decorated with wooden houses lined up neatly. Natural colors featuring the best in Bergen. Blend in with the atmosphere of the medieval port town, all that makes the city such as the Bergen-painted on canvas.

All adventure travelers to the Scandinavian certainly originated from a collection of images and stories fjord. Travelers will be amazed and fall in love and probably will promise someday will see this amazing sight. photo Bergen tourist is seen making a strong determination to come to this city. Bergen as dongen country, where all the magic happens, and the magic that is a stretch of landscape that is hard to believe until you can see it for real. Travelers will be felt vibrating heart when realizing such a strong determination to see the fjord will soon be realized.

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