Fun Riding Elephant in Thailand

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ride_Asian_elephants_during_a_Morale,_Welfare_and_Recreation_tour_at_the_Pattaya_Elephant_ViElephant happens to be the animal symbol of thailand. thus, not complete when traveled out to thailand while not visiting elephant breeding. one of one’s best captive elephants in thailand is elephant nature park ( enp ) in chiang mai. what often is done within the enp travelers ? check out his review below, as quoted from news :

– Cleaning the elephant dung. every elephant issued approximately 95 pounds per day. generally, there may be 30 elephants in captive elephants living. imagine, what number might you clean the elephant dung daily ?

– Doing work in the kitchen preparing food for your own elephants. the hard work you do, like taking food from trucks, wash the pumpkin, additionally as preparing bananas, elephants favorite food.

– Harvest food. elephant food came from farms around captivity. prepare manpower out to harvest the corn or cut grass as their food.

– Bathing elephants. this is often in all probability one of one’s most enjoyable jobs. you bring the elephants straight into the nearest river water then play with your massive animals.

– Feeding directly. it too includes a fun job since you will play around using this long-trunked animals.

– Observing the behavior of elephants. you only have out to sit and observe what elephants do this all the time. how they actually play and interact with one another. itll be fun !

– Wandering around with an elephant into captivity. elephant ride and benefit from the stunning views of chiang mai direct from high of his back.

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