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Photo by Michael Caven
Photo by Michael Caven

Although a small town, Gothenburg retains the Gothenburg City Card facility allows travelers to access all the attractions and use public transport in Gothenburg. Gothenburg City Card in addition to sold online can also be purchased at the tourist information, certain Pressbyran, and in hostels. Price Gothenburg City Card 24 Hours around 285 SEK and 395 SEK for the Gothenburg City Card 48 Hours.

Gothenburg does have some high tech museum which is mostly associated with the marine world. Such Maritiman located on the shoreline presents 19 ships that can be entered to determine the maritime history in Sweden and to explore all types of boat accessories. There is also Universeum for iscience Gothenburg center that has rainforest environment in mseum and diverse species of fish are placed in a large aquarium.

It seems like all that is presented by the museum in Gothenburg I can find in my home country. If you do not want to explore the museum, it looks like you do not really need the Gothenburg City Card, you can also explore the city is by mingling with the local community.

Recommended itinerary in Gothenburg

Visits can be done day trip to visit all the tourist attractions in Gothenburg which is a small town. However, some places like Yosemite Slottsskogen, Gothenburg Botanical Garden, and the Liseberg Amusement Park has a large enough size and it takes a lot of time if you want to visit all these places.

Better to spend a minimum of two days in the city of Gothenburg to get to know the city with a local community perspective Gothenburg. Example itinerary that can be made for two days in Gothenburg is as follows.

First Day
Skansen Kronan – Haga District – Statue of Poseidon – Gustav Adolf Torg – Souvenir Shop Candy and Chocolate 4-Gett – Maritiman – The Wheel of Gothenburg

Second Day
Liseberg Amusement Park – Gothenburg Botanical Garden – Slottsskogen

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