Recommended Lodging in Banaue

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Rice_Terraces_BanaueAs a local tourist areas, many hotels are available in Banaue. You can choose a hotel that suits your budget and facilities provided by the hotel. Here are some of the accommodations recommended by some travelers.

Kidlaa Hotel

The hotel is situated on the main road Bontoc town. If from Banaue, you will see Kidlaa Hotel on the right road, not far from the main road Bontoc town. Room rental rate is fairly low, to get a shared bath room, you only need to pay 300 pesos.

Green View Hotel

The hotel is located in downtown Banaue, has a view point expanse Banaue Rice Terraces are very beautiful. Room rental rate for one person is about 300 pesos. The hotel is also a souvenir shop and a restaurant. Raymond’s Guesthouse is a guesthouse belonging to the uncle of a tour guide in Batad. If we take the jeepney group led by Max, you will be recommended to stay at this guesthouse. This inn is quite comfortable, the view point is also quite good. Rates for a one night stay around 200 pesos, you are free to choose in a modern wooden house or in a traditional house. Guides here are also very adept at English. You can hire a guide all day with only pay about 200 pesos.

Churyaa Hotel

The hotel is located in downtown Bontoc, right on the main road heading towards Sagada, close to the base jeepney to Sagada. Rental rates are per room per night ranging from 200 pesos. in addition to the above, you can also get a lot of hotels in the area Sagada, especially around the Tourist Info Center.

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