Ninoy Aquino International Airport Transportation Guide

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NAIA_AirportWhen you have arrived in Manila, you will be greeted with a flight attendant greeting that means Salamat Magadang Umaga is thank you and good morning. You can simply fill out immigration forms. For several southeast Asian countries, you can enter the Philippines without visas. Free visa is valid for 21 days.

Ninoy Aquino International Airport or NAIA pretty clean, nice, and still looks new. The airport has four floors, the ground floor for international arrivals, 2nd floor for international arrivals immigration, 3rd floor to check this, and the 4th floor is a shopping area. After picking up luggage, you can exchange currency to Philippine pesos at the money changer counters available. unlike in other airports so you get out of the airport can find many money changers. At the airport, money exchange located on the 3rd floor, close to the check-in counter. here you can exchange your money into pesos Philippines.

Once the exchange is complete, you can immediately get out of the airport to find transportation to the city center, such as visiting Fort Santiago complex which is located in the Old City of Intramuros. Unlike in other southeast Asian countries that when you exit the airport immediately invaded by dozens of taxi drivers who offer services. In the NAIA so out you will be greeted by a quiet atmosphere. If you are confused want to use transportation to downtown Manila. Here are a few transportation options available in Manila.


Jeepney is a very popular public transportation in the Philippines. jeepney almost available in all parts of the Philippines, ranging from the countryside to the city. To be able to use the Jeepney, you need to first walk onto the highway in front of the airport, then turn toward the left to find a roundabout. From here you can use the corresponding jeepney desired path. If you want to go to Intramuros, you can use the jeepney majors Vito Cruz then dropped the anti majors Divisoria jeepney that passed Rizal Park, Rizal Park last out on foot to Intramuros, from Vito Cruz or you can directly use the LRT to the Central Terminal ago walk to Intramuros.

Cheap Cab

Is a common cab located on the 3rd floor, which is in front of the departure gate. The cost of using a regular taxi is cheaper when compared with Airport Taxi. The regular cab fare ranging from 30 pesos. Is a regular taxi cab that does not have a general license from the NAIA. Taxis can be obtained after dropping off passengers at the arrival terminal.

Airport Taxi

After exiting the airport on the ground floor, turn towards the right, you will see Airport Taxi in yellow or what is often referred to as Yellow Taxi. There is only one airport taxi NAIA. Airport taxi metered initial install usually ranging from 70 pesos, quite expensive but reliable. You can choose to use an airport taxi that already has a license that can be trusted if you do not know the streets in Manila.

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