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Braga_Street_BandungThe weekend arrives ! to be spread glance along at the travellers mind would wish out to pay a weekend short time. bandung is typically overrun traveller from jakarta and surrounding areas. if you wish out to holiday there, don’t miss jalan braga.

When you are still confused wish out to pay a night in paris van java. return into jalan braga isn’t removed from the town center. braga was worldwide from ancient times, several magnificent buildings that also remains solid colonies with white paint boring. purpose is additionally still a similar approach like the previous times.

The distinction in the different protocols bandung, braga is that the narrow lane where an open road using andesite stone ornament design for pedestrians merely. though, its all been converted inside motorized vehicle lane. braga forever never empty of visitors for 24 hours. a row of several eateries, boutiques and bars are constantly full of tourists each native and foreign tourists.

There might be several ways out to enjoy an open road braga, traveller will walk the path braga by photographing the beauty of one’s building colonies from any side, sit back upon the sidewalk enjoying the cool breeze, can possibly be exchanged greetings with different travellers additionally culinary legendary tasting menu meal.

By way of example, a restaurant braga permai, this place sells a great deal of legendary food menu since the colonial era. architecture building and of course the restaurant menu remains felt ancient when asiafreetravel stopped there a few time ago. there you’ll be able to style the pastry and ice cream were delicious in the recipe remains the netherlands.

As in the bar upon the outskirts of braga. several bars are constantly full of visitors, though merely restricted use dim lightweight. the kids loved hanging out place bandung, they will sometimes return out to the bar and relish a rollicking live music.

Not merely that, during this approach there might be too street vendors who return decorate the sidewalk path. they will sell a few typical food bandung. if you wish out to keep within the braga region, there’s on the market a comfortable hotel. however the hotel building slightly damaging the beauty of one’s building remains colony.

Prepared for our weekend out to bandung ? prepare the contents of one’s bag are thick and don’t forget out to produce a new moment for our along jalan braga at night.

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  1. It seems like Braga is a long forgotten part of Bandung, right? As everyone comes to Bandung mostly for shopping, shopping, shopping and enjoying good food, it seems that most of visitors coming to Bandung forget to enjoy the enchantment of this nostalgic street. I noticed that now a modern chain Fave Hotels has just opened there on Jalan Braga, so next time going to Bandung, I think I will definitely stay at that hotel and spend a night or two to enjoy the vicinity.

    1. I think it’s depends on person. someone want to shopping, and others want to sleeping in the hotel (that you noticed). lol