Strangest Lagoon in Chile, Laguna Roja

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Laguna_rojaIn town camina, chile, there’s a strange natural phenomenon. the phenomenon of the lagoon-shaped red like blood. lagoon referred to as laguna roja is located at an altitude of 3, 700 meters higher than ocean level. native residents living nearby have long known the peculiar color with this lagoon, other then the new manager is aware of his own chilean tourism in 2009.

Laguna roja space inhabited from the aymara historic. they will keep secrets and legends around this space, creating it seem additional mysterious. per legend, the red lagoon uses a curse on anyone who would dare to achieve the water. thats why, nobody dared approach the lagoon, not even on any map.

Laguna roja uses a high temperature, about 40-50 degrees celsius and therefore the depth isn’t known. reportedly, several aymara those who died from drinking water lagoon yore, as quoted from amusingplanet, tuesday.

Roja lagoon surrounded by 2 different pools exactly where the water is green and yellow. reportedly, when approached by individuals isn’t smart, it’ll suddenly bubbly water. a few are saying this pond inhabited by demons, whereas scientists argue the colour of water caused algae that have a home in the bottom on your pool and lagoon.

No matter the rationale, once you are suggested out to visit laguna roja didn’t come back alone. go with native residents and will keep the character when within the vicinity.

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