Paris Olympics 2024: A Hotel Haven for Breastfeeding Athletes

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So, here’s a cool twist for the Paris Olympics 2024: they’re rolling out a special hotel just for breastfeeding athletes.

Take Clarisse Agbegnenou, for example. She’s this badass French judo champ,But she’s also a new mom. At 31, she just welcomed her first kiddo into the world in 2022.

Now, imagine balancing motherhood with training for the Olympics, set to kick off from July 26th to August 11th, 2024. It’s a whole new ball game for Clarisse.

One big challenge? Breastfeeding her little one, who’s not even two yet and still needs mama’s milk. But here’s the kicker: the Olympics have this rule that kids can’t hang out in the athletes’ village.

But fear not! The French Olympics crew is stepping up with a solution.

According to the grapevine (okay,, they’re cooking up a plan to set up a special hotel spot with a cozy hangout area for families. It’ll be right near the athletes’ village, so French athletes like Clarisse can still get in on the action. And get this—they’ve got around 40,000 euros set aside to make it happen. Talk about support for the breastfeeding squad!

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