The 2 Days Bungee Jumping Man Videos

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Bungee_jumping_outside_Macau_TowerOvercome bungee jumping once is a good achievement. this guy even air-bungee jumping 16 times in 2 days. possibly one of the tourist adventure is likely to adrenaline bungee jumping. jumping a height of 50 meters can help you to appear like crashing into earth.

Other then now, tremendous challenges successfully conquered man named philip warring. philip did bungee jumping as much as 16 times in 2 days. actually, he did it with the use of a form of designs, as recorded by a video camera in hand.

Possibly one of the most appealing vogue happens when he uses a gorilla mask and perform tandem with the use of a girl. not no more than that, the opposite is crazy vogue when philip make use of the bike when jumping. I’ve been bungee jumping more than once over many years. though, i never did it a little more than doubly in sooner or later, same philip, as reported dailytelegraph, wednesday.

Due to the distance of one’s jump with the use of a leap of time terribly adjacent to successive, i felt my heart kept pumping, he continued.

Consistent with him, bungee jumping as much as 16 times in 2 days isn’t a problem. what matters, happens when i even have to visit back and forth up and through stairs to find the tower bungee jumping.

I don’t assume, to the point it seems i even have to visit throughout the 192 out to 3, 332 steps, for 17 times in 2 days. the high tower reaches 50 meters, same philip.

Consistent with him, among the 16 designs that he did throughout bungee jumping, the hardest issue happens when inverted jump and handstand. how, you’re interested to undertake it ?

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