Thingyan Festival, Mutual Water Sin Flush in Myanmar

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Myanmar_Thingyan_2013_was_really_active_nowThingyan water festival could be a water festival out to commemorate the myanmar new year that typically falls in mid-april and lasts for four out to 5 days. this festival could be a festival and that is celebrated by buddhists. thingyan water festival a feast and a very important holiday regarding the folks of myanmar. this event is similar out to songkran water festival in thailand.

Thingyan water festival in celebration of all the those who trusted every water flush will fade sin. in its development, the activities every flush water inside party arena with water spraying due to stage-the stage accompanied via the wayside fairly loud music, and activities around by car-pickup for flushing the those who were in the road.

Asian voters take part in myanmar thingyan water festival enliven now by setting up water storage tanks in front as to the asian international faculty yangon ( iisy ) in addition to pour water out to folks passing in front of iisy. the activity was appreciated via the native folks and became one amongst the event out to strengthen the friendly relations between asean country and myanmar.

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