Olele Coast, Alternative Maritime Travel Choices in Tomini Gulf

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Liang_Beach_BunakenLocated about 20 kilometers due to center of gorontalo, olele beach village olele, district kabila bone, of bone bolango relatively simple to attain. beach utilizing a pretty solid fishing activity offers beautiful scenery. several visitors who come back visited olele admire the beauty as to the scenery and underwater paradise providing them.

There is not a dive in here saying that underwater olele not inferior out to bunaken and wakatobi, aforesaid umar, one amongst the residents olele out to kompas. com when visited olele coast, thursday.

Children taking part in inside the beach whereas fishing utilizing a dip within the banks could well be a sort of a welcome for visitors. traditional fishing boats can accompany the visitor a relaxing time, whereas anticipating their flip to discover the catamaran rental beauty of coral reefs.

If you need snorkel or dive, offered olele beach rental service snorkeling and diving equipment. and experienced instructors able to guide exploration additionally accompany the underwater paradise that would arguably still be clean.

Olele beaches and marine parks which can be found a part of this tomini gulf coastline since 2006 is designated just like a conservation space by regency bone bolango. in recent years, tourists have started coming out to visit olele crowded. we are excited to possess a lot of income. however clean water is onerous here, aforesaid umar.

From the content gathered, the management as to the tourist areas are still done independently by native residents. additionally out to providing diving equipment rental services, they will additionally provide boat rental services and sells a range of snacks. hopefully olele beach and underwater heaven will certainly be one amongst the marine tourism destinations in gorontalo.

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