The No-Stress Seating Guide for Those Not So Cool with Flying

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Hey, travel buddies! Got those pre-flight jitters making you question your journey through the skies? Fret not because we’ve got the deets on the perfect seat that might just turn your fear of flying into a walk in the park.

Our travel buddy, @aranstravels1 on TikTok, spilled the tea on the dream seat to calm your nerves. So, where’s this magical spot?

According to the expert, your go-to is a seat over the wings towards the back of the plane. Why, you ask? Well, in plain English, this spot has the best shot at keeping you safe if things go south.

As shared by the cool cats at the New York Post on a laid-back Saturday (18/11/2023), stats-wise, those middle seats at the back are your safest bet. Only 28 percent chance of not making it. Meanwhile, if you’re chilling in an aisle seat in the middle, the odds bump up to 44 percent, according to TIME’s deep dive into FAA data over 35 years.

Our travel whisperer also threw in a bonus tip: turbulence is way less dramatic in this chill zone.

“And less turbulence because the wings balanced. Not like at the back or front where you feel every bump,” he casually added.

And here’s the icing on the cake! Travel gurus at are all about that wing life, emphasizing that snagging a seat over those wings gives you the smoothest ride. It’s the chill zone of the plane. So, if you’re posted up here, turbulence is more like a gentle sway compared to the front or the tail.

Now, for the peeps with mild nerves, you might feel a tad jittery or queasy, but you can totally rock that flight. But if your flight anxiety game is strong, with panic vibes, breath struggles, and major fear, you might be in the “no-fly” club, as told by a certified therapist chatting with Travel + Leisure.

Even though cruising above the clouds might sound a bit wild, the National Safety Council assures us that flying is the safest ride in town.

So, whether you’re a bit nervous or just want that smooth-sailing vibe, snagging a spot over the wings towards the back might just be the secret sauce for turning your flight into a carefree adventure.

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