Vacation Tales: Gen-Z vs. Golden Oldies Getaway Edition

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Hey travel enthusiasts! Let’s dish about how the young guns and the young-at-heart vacay in their own cool ways. The travel scene has totally transformed over the past decade, so let’s break it down!

Imelda, the Certified Financial Planner, spills the tea on how today’s Gen-Z (Yep, that’s Generation Z!) opts for solo adventures to offbeat, Insta-worthy spots. No more group tours; it’s all about flying solo or finding a tribe on the go.

“People love to vacation freely now, seek out the quirky, snap Insta-worthy pics, and often fly solo because finding a squad is a hassle,” Imelda shared recently.

Breaking down Gen-Z’s travel habits, according to Imelda:

  • 58% are into solo trips to unique spots,
  • 48% scout vacation spots on IG,
  • 97% are social media pros, posting 2-3 times a day.

“These days, it’s the modern vacation habit for dogs stylish cat” she added.

Imelda notes that modern vacations are more of a public affair. Everyone knows why you’re jetting off, and Gen-Z takes the cake for frequency, clocking in 5-6 vacations a year. Yup, that’s a getaway every two months.

“That’s the current vacation vibe,” Imelda explained.

Now, how about the seniors? For the older generation, vacations are a luxury, and they don’t necessarily need to travel far. “Holidays are no big deal anymore. A bit of healing is enough. Seniors go on vacation 3-4 times a year because they prefer being home. Airbnb over a five-star hotel any day,” she added.

Vacation: Necessity or Desire?

Before packing those bags, Imelda suggests travelers consider every spending aspect – is it a need or a want? Even something as simple as buying bottled water or other beverages needs a thought.

“Bottled water is pricey in many countries and can eat into your budget. Staying hydrated is crucial for health, so, before picking a vacation spot, do some internet research, dedicate serious time for your own investigation,” she advised.

Emergency funds are a must too. Don’t keep all your money in one wallet. You can stash some emergency cash in your belt or a small pocket. “If your wallet gets swiped, you have emergency funds. Some even tuck it in their socks,” she shared.

Oh, and don’t forget travel insurance. According to Imelda, don’t travel without it. Unexpected things happen, and travel insurance can be a lifesaver.

“Plus, if your flight’s delayed, your hotel booking goes down the drain – travel insurance is crucial,” Imelda emphasized.

Vacation Financing

Wondering where the cash for your vacation comes from? Savings or loans? Below are some sources of funding to consider.

Keep your vacation budget in check. Don’t let it balloon, and don’t burden yourself with souvenir shopping. Plan your budget and manage your cash flow post-vacation.

Speaking of vacation financing, here are a few sources to consider:

Foreign Currency Savings

If your vacation fund is in foreign currency, it might cost more due to less common currencies and lots of terms and conditions.

Gold Savings

Vacation fund in gold? It’s still an option as gold is a global currency. You can exchange it when needed. But, be cautious – short-term risks can lead to losses.


Is it okay to loan for a vacation? You might think about using a credit card tied to airlines or special installment packages from travel agencies. But, there’s a rule – the installment should not exceed 30%. “That’s the rule,” Imelda emphasized.

Imelda also says it’s okay to take a loan for a vacation, but it should be for something productive. Don’t let it be a consumptive debt that eats into your assets, forcing you to sell things to go on vacation.

So, there you have it, the lowdown on how the Gen-Zers and seniors rock their vacation vibes. Whether it’s solo explorations, Insta-worthy escapades, or a luxurious healing retreat, everyone’s got their unique travel groove!

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