Saudi’s Big Dream: Crafting the Wildest Roller Coaster Ride Ever

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Hey there thrill-seekers! Guess what? Saudi Arabia is cooking up something massive in the world of roller coasters. Brace yourselves for Falcon’s Flight, the soon-to-be legendary coaster set to break records as the tallest and fastest on the planet.

Scheduled to open its doors in 2024, Falcon’s Flight is not just any roller coaster – it’s the world’s first Exa Coaster, and Saudi Arabia is going all out.

Picture this: a roller coaster soaring over 500 feet into the sky, dwarfing even the mighty Kingda Ka in New Jersey and giving the iconic London Eye a run for its money. Talk about aiming for the stars!

As spilled by The Sun on a casual Friday (17/11/2023), this beast of a coaster plans to conquer a track stretching over 13,000 feet – that’s almost a mile longer than the current record-holder, Steel Dragon 2000 in Japan.

And speed demons, get ready for this – Falcon’s Flight is designed to zoom past Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s Formula Rossa, clocking in at a staggering 149 miles per hour. Hold onto your hats!

Now, here’s the cool part. This roller coaster isn’t just about breaking records; it’s redefining the game. With a cozy setup for 14 riders – two in the front and four in each of the other three carriages – everyone gets their front-row seat. No need for clunky protective glasses; just soak in the views.

This mind-blowing project was dropped on us this week by Intamin at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Exhibition. The cherry on top? Construction kicks off real soon.

So, buckle up, adrenaline junkies! Saudi Arabia is about to serve up the roller coaster ride of your wildest dreams. Get ready for Falcon’s Flight – it’s not just a ride; it’s a thrill-packed joyride that’s set to rewrite the record books!

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