The Most Delicious Korean Food That You Should Try

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photo by yoppy
photo by yoppy

For the Korean people, food is not only chitterlings, but also about the taste, benefits, and nationalism. Out of the many Korean foods, below some most delicious Korean food is preferred not only by Koreans, but also people around the world:

Seolleongtang is kind of  popular soup in Korea. So famous, there are restaurants that deliberately only provides this special menu. Of all the dishes there, Seolleongtang is the longest time for cooking because they must have to boil the beef bones (oxtail or foot). Was cooking for hours in order to have all the calcium to the bones apart and the typical white.

Not only bone present in the menu, but there are also pieces of beef and horseradish mixed in it. Typically, this soup is made in winter or made in large quantities to be consumed for 1 week. In Korea, Seolleongtang not just eaten for dinner, but korean people also make this for breakfast.

Soondubu Jiggae
Some of Korean food are stew. Thicker than soup but more thinner than porridge. If some the traditional way (using earthenware), Soondubu Jiggae cooked just for one plate. Korean cuisine is made from fresh fish, a little beef, silken tofu, chili powder, and eggs. If you do not like spicy or cooking for the children, could be reduced in order to use chili powder spicy taste is reduced. The use of beef describe how healthy this menu. However, mixed beef not for filling the stomach, but some of them rather to add food flavor enhancer.

The cuisine is often wafted at night in major cities in Korea. Such as Seoul, there were lots of vendors hawking Ddukbokkie with their own recipes and flavor. This Ddukbokkie is the most popular street snacks and some of them come with a variety of flavors.
Ddukbokkie is made from boiled eggs, fish cakes, plus a slightly sweet spicy sauce. Rice cakes are chewy and soft, presented as an antidote to the spicy flavor.

If you like the taste of sweet, Korean food is probably a must try. Hoeddeok maybe just like pancakes in western, but how to make it more little complicated. Because it is made from yeast dough that’s splashed mixed cinnamon, brown sugar, and walnuts. Everything just fried in a medium greasy container. Hoeddeok highly favored children in Korea.

This korean food was made from chicken boiled in water mixed with onion and garlic. Then add some rice and fried meat until the chicken was cooked. The result, like a very thick porridge, rich in chicken and garlic flavor.

Yangnyeom Tongdak
If tried it, you probably will not again for Kentucky Fried Chicken, but switched to Korean Fried Chicken. That’s because typical Korean fried chicken with Tongdak Yangnyeom name. When you first bite, it will feel all mixed inside your mouth with spicy sweet sauce. Then it will taste and tenderness of meat crispy chicken.

The menu might be the most widely known of people, usually in restaurants always displays Bulgogi Korean BBQ. The menu is made from dipped beef slices in a sauce made from garlic, pear juice, soy sauce, and others. It seems, is a tender piece of meat is sweet, savory, and delicious.

When tasting it, will know how delicious this dish. Initially, Japchae is popular in Korea and some of asia countries, made without noodles. Is a king and a cooks who first made Japchae. Other with noodles now where an important element of this dish. Noodles was made from sweet potato and has a texture that makes it more supple. Eat thyis Noodles with cooked vegetables with some various half-baked, then blended with sauteed way.

In Korean, “Bibim” means “mixed” and “bap” means rice. All ingredients except the meat is prepared in advance which will then be added on top of warm rice. After that, add bacon and fried egg on it. Bibimbap is usually served by the korean people with a spicy sauce made from gochujang (Korean chili paste) and added as you want.

Kimchi is a Korean food and is a fermented dish like bread or yoghurt. Korean food is made from cabbage wrapped chili powder mixture, garlic, scallions, red onion, pear juice, and others. Kimchi is a the most mandatory dish that you should try in Korea, whether it be at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Kimchi is not attractive looking, but it is charming.

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