Save Money with the Climate Card: South Korea’s New Tourist Transport Pass

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South Korea is making it super easy for tourists to get around with a new travel card just for transportation.

As reported by the Korea Herald on Monday (May 20), the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is launching an all-in-one transit pass for tourists visiting the South Korean capital.

Climate Card Tourist Pass

Called the Climate Card, this handy new pass will be available starting July 1, 2024. It’s designed to help tourists explore the city without the hassle of buying separate tickets for transport and attractions.

The Climate Card covers all public transportation, including trains, buses, and public bikes, with unlimited use.

There are four types of cards based on how long you plan to stay:

  • One-day pass: 5,000 Won
  • Two-day pass: 8,000 Won
  • Three-day pass: 10,000 Won
  • Five-day pass: 15,000 Won

On top of that, the card gives you discounts at cultural spots and events, like 50% off entry to Seoul Science and Seoul Grand Park.

Buy Climate Card in Seoul

You can grab a physical card at several places, including the Seoul Tourism Plaza Information Center, Myeong-dong Tourist Information Center, and customer safety offices at subway lines 1 through 8.

Right now, tourists can only use special daily cash tickets from T-money, which cost 15,000 Won for one day, including a 5,000 Won deposit and a 500 Won service fee. The new Climate Card is a much more budget-friendly and convenient option for getting around Seoul.

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