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Korean Travel Information has been prepared by us today, Please prepare your luggage today and let us go to Jeju island which lies to the south of the Korean peninsula. Jeju-do located in the Korea Strait, southwest of South Jeolla Province, which was once a single province before the split in 1946. Jeju is Jeju island capital city was named as one of the seven wonders of the world that can make you all will be happy when coming in there.

Jeju have a few special spots like expanse of grassland flagship and flowers, cliffs, mountains, waterfalls and beautiful beaches are things that can be enjoyed and of course we will make your trip this time will become filled with exciting adventures . Well, Let us begin our journey by heading to Overlay Hill and Flower Meadow.

Bungee Artpia is a flower garden which is have collection of various types of flowers and plants in pots. Bungee popularity Artpia been made president of China in 1995 are interested in visiting. In Bungee Artpia, you can see more than 1,000 species of plants. Approximately 700 plant species specially imported from various countries. Flower and plant lovers will love this place. This place is famous for k-drama lovers, see it? Only see the photo above we definitely think’ve seen this place somewhere. Yeah you guys are right, this place to be one of Korea dramas shooting places for Boys Before Flower. Plus a beautiful place with beautiful flowers panorama was refreshing eye.

Well next, Let us further on our journey to the next place that is named Mount Hallasan

Mount of Hallasan is the highest mountain peak in South Korea right position in the middle of Jeju Island. The landscape high about 1,950 meters above sea level. Best times to visit Mount Hallasan is currently flowering azaleas in the spring, when it comes colorful autumn, and when it snows in the winter. UNESCO set Mount Hallasan as a biosphere reserves. You can find the crater lake, mountain plants, and animals such as woodpecker, squirrels, butterflies and insects. If you like hiking, visitors can hike up and down Mount Hallasan back in the day. Climbing lanes here often traversed many unusual nature lovers club regularly climb. Hikers can see 368 parasitic volcanoes in the area around Mount Hallasan.

You have to try to climb this beautiful mountain, For guys who do not like to climb not to miss this opportunity because this mountain has a beautiful panorama, especially if you’ve been on top. Now let’s go to our next Trip this time we will explore the Jungmun Beach.

There are unique things from Jungmun Beach. Sand that looks colorful (black, white, and red) is quite attractive eyes. View of the blue sea and green plant vines look very harmonious. Jungmun beach is often used as a filming location, or video clips. In addition to the summer, the beach is usually not too crowded. Jungmun Beach cliffs are fake, but it looks beautiful. There is also the swan-shaped paddle boats and a Dutch windmill. Spend the holidays in this beach will not be disappointed. After going to the beach we continue our journey to Manjang Cave.

You can visit Manjang Cave on Jeju Island. This cave lies with a length of 8 kilometers. Visitors can see the atmosphere of the tunnels are more bit creepy to walk for 1 kilometer deeply. Manjang caves are formed of frozen lava. The atmosphere is cold and dark. In some narrow passages and slippery because of water. Bats hanging from the corners of the cave. Mysterious and exotic. Well guys, that’s trip we got enough for today. How is it? Are you curious for traveled to Jeju island? of course there are many information and news about the other side of the island of Jeju, See your in our next tour

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