The Dirty Secret of Air Travel: The Germ Haven You Never Knew

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Ever wondered about the undercover agents of germs on your flight? Surprise, surprise – it’s not the notorious toilets or the oh-so-suspect tray tables. Flight attendants are here to spill the tea on the unexpected culprits – those seemingly harmless safety instruction cards snuggled up in the seat pockets.

As dished out by The Sun on a laid-back Tuesday, December 5, 2023, these safety cards are the hidden dance floors of the airborne germ party. Flight attendants let us in on the scoop that these cards, essential for emergency enlightenment, often miss out on the cleaning crew’s VIP treatment, turning them into bustling bacteria breeding grounds.

One cool-as-a-cucumber flight attendant, giving us the lowdown on this not-so-spotless secret, suggests passengers do a little safety card dodge whenever possible. “the sketchiest spot on the plane is instruction card hanging out in the seat” she spills.

Breaking it down, she points out that while tray tables get their fair share of love from the cleaning squad, the same can’t be said for these safety cards. “So, after you’ve wrapped up your safety read grab some hand sanitizer or, even better, give that safety card a little spa day with a wet wipe to wipe away any lurking germs,” she wisely advises.

And hey, besides steering clear of the safety card hotspots, why not take matters into your own hands – literally. A little pre-settle-in cleanup of the usual suspect surfaces, like seats, can go a long way in keeping your flying zone germ-free. When it comes to tray tables, a quick wipe-down with hand sanitizer and a wet wipe is the pro move.

These simple tricks help dodge any germ surprises from previous passengers who might’ve turned those tray tables into makeshift changing stations. “I’ve seen diaper duty on tray tables. So, in my book, there’s no such thing as cleaning this area too often,” spills another flight attendant.

While flight crews and the cleaning squad do their best to sprinkle some cleanliness magic mid-flight, let’s keep it real – it’s not always a top-to-bottom scrub-down due to time constraints. As one wise flight attendant puts it, “We’re doing our best, and so are the cleaning crews during layovers. But truth be told, we can’t be CSI-level thorough, so passengers, do yourself a solid and be the cleanliness captain.”

Armed with this inside scoop, you’re all set for a cleaner, healthier high-flying adventure!

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