Traditional Bali Village, Penglipuran

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Village_communataire_de_PenglipuranIt is a typical village has a different order with other traditional village in Bali. Characteristic of this village are on angkul-angkul or gate houses alike. There are 76 angkul-angkul neatly lined up on the north end to the south of the village. Figure 76 shows the 76 main families or karma pangarep.

Besides angkul-angkul same village located about five kilometers from north Bangli It also has a number of unique traditional customs. Like a taboo for a man to have more than one wife or polygamy.

Penglipuran village man was given knowledge to be faithful to one partner. Here there are custom rules that prohibit the practice of polygamy. If violated, the man would be locked up in a place known as the Coral fuse.

Penglipuran village located about 45 kilometers northeast of Denpasar, or about 55 kilometers from Kuta. The road to the village is pretty good. It’s just that you can not take a motor vehicle. Customs regulations prohibit motor vehicles into the village area. So you have to walk away.

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