Preparing Required Equipment When Travel in Scandinavia

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Young_woman_in_a_miniskirtActually, the packing is more personal because everyone has different needs for a variety of goods. However, to help do the checklist, you can write down a few things that need to be taken during the trip. This list can be added or subtracted according to their individual needs.


Summer in Scandinavia as Sweden or Norway is very difficult to predict. You are advised to bring a jacket because it remains early June maximum temperature only reached 27 degrees Celsius. But the warm weather tends to heat and blistering sun shines enough can occur anytime. You can use a short-sleeved shirt and shorts when the weather is sunny while walking around town enjoying the fresh air. Local communities there are very notice to dress style, they performed with mini skirts and shorts while showing off their bodies. Scorching sun can be painful eyes, you are advised to bring sunglasses.

Although Stockholm tends to heat during the day, towards evening, the wind that blows it turned out pretty cool. Usually feels cold start at 7 pm. Although the sky was still bright Stockholm. Still feels cold. Want use shorts to walk in the day is highly recommended, but still have to bring a jacket to protect the body during the night.

Unlike in Oslo. The city is very cold known. Oslo communities rely on a jacket or coat that combined with the boot to look stylish. With conditions like that means a lot of clothes to be prepared. Especially if you want to look stylish and not inferior to local communities Norway and Sweden. Always bring a jacket to keep out the cold, paying in anticipation of rain, and sunglasses to withstand the scorching sun. Plus a few pieces short sleeve T-shirt and two strands of jeans is enough to vacation in Scandinavia. Additional shorts and socks if you want to look stylish with the Stockholm, or bring a jacket and boot a mainstay of the community come together to look stylish Oslo.

Valuable documents

In addition to bringing original travel documents, you are advised to bring copies of all valuable documents while traveling in Europe. This is a provision if you later had to deal with immigration or police. You can take a copy of the front page of your passport, visa stickers, guarantee form for visit, and travel insurance. Photocopied addition, all documents can be scanned and stored in a personal email draft. So if all the copies of the document is lost, you still have a backup.


Always carry essential equipment for bathing, shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and towels were not much space. Rather than spend extra money to rent a towel at more either take it himself. Sunblock must be taken to protect the skin from the sun, while moisturizing the lips must be used so that the lips are not dry because of the wind chill Scandinavia. As information, always carry dry wipes and wet wipes to anticipate events pee in public restrooms. The public toilet is not always clean.


Hotels usually provide a small closet to store valuables, but they do not provide a padlock to lock the cabinet. Padlocks can be borrowed, rented, or purchased from the hotel, but you can also bring a padlock from home.

Shoes and Sandals

Use the most comfortable walking shoes because these shoes will be used almost a full day. Choose shoes that have a bearing in so far as anything like the feet remain comfortably secured. Prepare spare clean socks, do not dare wear the same socks for two weeks. Sandals used to walk in the hotel. Unlikely path from the bedroom to the toilet which is just 15 steps using the boots. Not just the body that needs rest, feet also need to breathe after a day’s forced.

Cloth Fabric

Cloth is a multifunctional object, can be used while sleeping in hotel sheets, blankets for cold, and cushion for picnic in the park.

Private drug

Need to know, the daily cost of living in Scandinavia is expensive, let alone the cost of a doctor. Prepare the mainstay drugs in anticipation that the decreased body condition. Ulcer drugs, flu, headache, diarrhea until you can sleep medication brought from home. In addition, also take vitamin to maintain body condition.


Prepare flagship camera to capture the charm of Scandinavia. Provide also a backup battery and a memory card so that we are always ready to capture every moment there.

Mobile and Phone Cards

Though far from home, communication with family and friends to keep running. You can buy a local number in any country. Or if lazy to buy, you can use your subscription provider of country of origin and use international roaming. Signals that appear in the phone directly usually adjust to available local signal. Even so, sometimes signal problems have developed, especially when entering a new area.

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