Schengen Visa Application Requirements

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Germany_transitvisa schengenThe following terms apply for a visa at the embassy of Norway when I apply for a Schengen visa yesterday.

– Passport country of origin or travel document valid for at least three months after returning from Norway.

– Two color photograph with biometric measures 3 x 4 cm and a white background. Biometric means close- up photo of the head to the shoulders. Faces must meet the 80 % composition of the photo, eyes focused forward, and head erect.

– Sheet visa application has been completed and signed by the applicant. This form can be taken directly at the embassy or the Schengen countries can be downloaded from the embassy website.

– Two Photocopy of the first sheet and previous Schengen visa stamp, if any.

– Evidence of finances such as bank accounts, savings, investments and others during the last three months. Financial evidence can be pledged as collateral for the embassy that you have sufficient funds while in Europe. The minimum balance required for Schengen visa application at least 80 EUR per day.

– Invitation of links that explain the purpose of the visit and guarantee form for visit. Guarantee form for visit from Sponsor contain identification, information regarding your relationship with your sponsor, and your date of departure and return. Forms will be filled by the sponsor and certified by the local police station where they live.

– Proof of hotel reservation.

– Proof of confirmation of air tickets.

– Travel insurance. Almost all members of the Schengen countries require visitors to have insurance with coverage of at least 30000 EUR in the visa application process. Travel insurance can be purchased at a travel agent or some insurance company.

– The certificate of labor serves to show that you have a job in the home country and will return to the home country to return to work after returning from Schengen countries. Thus, the embassy will be convinced that we are not going to find a job there and become illegal immigrants. Certificate of employment is made in English and addressed to the embassy.

– Travel itinerary as a complementary document Schengen visa application for tourist purposes.

– Visa application fee will be levied after the embassy’s checking documents. Fee will not be refunded if the visa application is rejected.

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