Popular Travel Destinations in Banaue

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Banaue_RiceTerracesIf you visit Banaue and do not know what are the main points of interest here, Here are some of the tourist destinations to be missed when you visit Banaue.

Banaue Museum

If you are a history buff, Banaue Museum may be able to be your tourist destinations in the city. Banaue Museum stores a collection of ethnic artifacts Ifugao. To go to Banaue Museum, just a few minutes walk from the center Banaue.

Banaue View Point

This place is very popular and suitable for taking photos Banaue Rice Terraces. To go to this place, you need to use a 20-minute jeepney ride from the city center.

Batad Rice Terraces and Village

Batad Rice Terraces is the biggest icons Banaue City was named the most riveting Rice Terraces are entered into the list of UNESCO World Heritage. To go to Batad Village, you can use jeepnye for 2 hours from the city center, then continue trekking for 2 hours.

Banaue Pine Resort and Ethnic Village

Here you can see the development of the ethnic home of the indigenous Ifugao traditional to the modern home. To go to this place, you need to use jeepnye for 30 minutes from the city center.

Bontoc Trade Center

Bontoc Trade Center is located in the center of the crowd Bontoc town, here you will find a variety of food and souvenir sellers typical Bontoc town.

Sumaging Cave

Sumaging Cave is the largest cave in Sagada, to go into the cave, you need to walk for 40 minutes from the Tourist Info Center.

Echo Valley

This place is located in a unique valley Sagada, called Echo Valley because if you yell in valley aka tone sound that will imitate.

Sugong Hanging Coffins

Storage cliffs centuries-old corpse. The corpse was placed in a wooden crate and hung along the rocky cliffs

In addition to the popular tourist spot above, there are many more tourist destinations that you should visit in Banaue. Like Klitepan Rice Terraces, Lumiang Burial Cave, Lake Danum, and buttocks Waterfall.

Recommended Restaurant for Backpacker’s Banaue

Green View Restaurant has a typical Filipino menu, including rice paddy yield of one class Banaue. View around the restaurant is very beautiful green expanse of rice fields in the form Banaue. The price of the cheapest food menu at this restaurant is rice and omelette with hot tea that is sold at a price of 100 pesos.

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