Holiday Travel in Banaue

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Banaue,_Tallup_villageThe conductor immediately invited the passengers to get off and take carry-on luggage. The city is named Banaue, places that serve as tourist gateway to enjoy the beauty of the terraced rice fields has been named as one of the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. This area has become a favorite tourist destination for foreign tourists. No wonder so many are offering your services for any foreign tourists who come.

Usually passengers will welcome up to the jeepney towards the desired spot. There is one person in charge of guiding the coordinator of foreign travelers. The coordinator said that the jeepney is free transport provided by the Florida Bus to take tourists to the destination in the city psuat Banaue. Distance to the city center is only about 1 km from where the bus had stopped. Once all the passengers get into the jeepney, the guide immediately began talks with a warm introduction. Quite fluent english language skills plus Spanish, French, and other foreign languages ​​adds a pretty friendly to foreign tourists.

Until in downtown Banaue, jeepney stops in Green View Hotel. Most of the group went down and checked. for those of you who want to immediately go to Batad, you can join with another group that will go to Batad Village. If there are only a few people who will go to Batad, the jeepney fare more expensive. Actually, if you do not have enough time, you can stay in Banaue and can still enjoy the expanse of Rice Terraces, although not great when compared to those in Batad. Moreover, in this city there are also other attractions like Banaue Museum, Banaue Trade Center, and Banaue Pine Resort & Ethnic Village. However, if you have plenty of time, you are advised to visit the Batad Rice Terraces.

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