Peterhof Palace and Gardens in Russia

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Photo : Isabella Scotti/Wikimedia
Photo : Isabella Scotti/Wikimedia

History records, Peter the Great had two strong reasons establishing Peterhof Palace. First, wanted to show the glory St. Petersburg has build, namely by building a summer palace. Second, as a fortress of protection from attacks. Dream of Peter the Great build Russia, especially St. Petersburg indeed come true one by one. This time, the King wants to build a resort that exceeds the Palace of Versailles in France. To that end, some well-known European architects brought to build parks, fountains, and palaces. Call it JEAN-Baptiste Le Blod, Paul Soualem, and Sual Engineer Gerard.

Peterhof Palace Fountains and Interior

Once construction is completed, Peterhof is located on the hill and extends to the shore it looked dashing and elegant. In terms of the selection of land arguably exceeds Versailles. Beauty castle Peterhof Park and quickly spread into a conversation among tourists. Despite all located approximately 29 miles from the center of St. Petersburg, will not deter travelers to visit the palace on the edge of the sea.

Various kinds of shape and design of the fountain that has various statue adorn the beauty of Peterhof Park. Right in front of the palace, facing the sea, there is a fountain and statue of Samson tearing the lion’s mouth being. The statue is a symbol of Russian strength against the forces of Sweden. Samson is a symbol of the might of Russia.

Peterhof Palace Fun Facts

What is the condition Peterhof army when attacked by Nazi Germany, the Palace and the statue is in the park was broken due to heavy bombing. Fortunately, portrait palace and gardens are still a lot of people have to facilitate the restoration and rebuild palaces and statues that decorate the garden.

Due to the strategic location of the palace, many ways to the Peterhof, you can use the land or water. If using a water Transportation, so you look straight down from the ship magnificent summer palace. Ahead lay the canals and extensive gardens that decorated the various forms of water fountains. There is a fountain of Adam and Eve, Pyramid, Sun, Samson, and many others. The palace was also decorated patio fountain that resembles a staircase.

If travelers use ground transportation, down from marshrutka park right in front of the palace. Once inside the park, the atmosphere of the French Versailles has been felt. Neatly lined pine trees adorn the gardens of the Palace. Transportation to Peterhof ie using the metro from the city and continued with marshrutka. Typically 1.5 hours travel time from St. Petersburg downtown. When you stop at the Metro Avtovo, continue using marshrutka 103, K224. From Metro Leninskii Prospect, proceed with marshrutka 420. From Metro Veteranof, proceed to marshrutka 343. And of Metro Baltiiskaya, proceed with marshrutka 50, 404.

Peterhof Palace Opening Hours and Admission Fee

The cost for a single metro about 22 rubles and 50 rubles marshrutka. Meteor and Hydrofoil only available in May to October. Boat dock is located just behind the Hermitage Museum. One-way fare around 700 rubles and takes about 30 minutes. Ticket price to get into the park Petergof is about 300 rubles, while for the price of admission to Peterhof palace about 520 rubles. Opening hours Peterhof is at 10:30 until 17:00.

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