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Russia-St_Petersburg-Neva-Ice_FlowOne of the old city and has a long history in Russia is St. Petersburg or Leningrad as well. St. Petersburg is the second largest city after the capital city of Moscow. The city was founded by King Peter I or better known by the name of Peter the Great in 1703 as a window to Europe. This is the most intense city in a relationship with a foreign society has always posed a culture so local people are very friendly and helpfull to the tourists.

Entering St. Petersburg the same as the major cities of Europe. Building with many old European architecture adorn the beauty of the city. If tourists walking on Nevsky Prospect, could certainly be remembered Avenue de champs-ellysees in Paris. Understandably, St. Petersburg was created by the founder, King Peter I, like big cities in Europe. The distinction is in this city have a lot of monuments and sculptures that reflect the communist past glory. The statue of Lenin still stands even communist influence has been weak. Travellers also made into the aisle with culture mixed feelings over the two different periods.

St. Petersburg consist over dozens of islands. The island is connected to each other by the river. Travelers can enjoy the beauty of the city do with using the ship down the canal and the river Neva. Because a lot of bridges, then the later dub St. Petersburg as the third city in the world that has the highest bridge after Amsterdam and Venice. Even more unique is there in almost every island worth visiting attractions with ease.

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