Tsarskoe Selo Catherine Palace

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Photo : Alex Florstein/Wikimedia
Photo : Alex Florstein/Wikimedia

One summer palace which is located outside the city of St. Petersburg is Tsarskoe Selo. Located about 26 miles south St. Petersburg in the 17th century ruled Sweden. With the defeat of Sweden from Russian territory by King Peter I, the area is then presented to the king’s wife, Ekaterina I.

Start from 18th century when king and queen of Russia commanding in his time including the last King of Nikolai II of Russia is really like a resort Tsarskoe Selo, with the baroque palace gardens typical model of Europe is apparently the main attraction for the rulers, including the tourists at this time.

Tsarskoe Selo palace located in the city of Tsarskoe Selo, a small town that according to many people who are very romantic. Therefore, more Russian artist who loves this city, not to mention the great poet like Alexander Pushkin. When young, Pushkin studied in the city, after FISH, he lived there and wrote a lot of poetry. To the memory of the great Russian poet, Tsarskoe Selo Town now called City of Pushkin.

Tsarskoe Selo Amber Room

Although originally the summer palace, a lot of people say, Tsarskoe Selo palace can be visited in all seasons. Each season gives its own beauty. No wonder, why the kings and queens, artists are very welcome to stay at Tsarskoe Selo. What makes that interesting compared to other castle palace in St. Petersburg besides having a beautiful room and a collection of paintings from various countries, only in Tsarskoe Selo Palace which has unique rooms with baroque art models made of amber-colored precious stone which is a kind of chocolate Fossil trees.

If tourists visit in the summer, should come in the morning. The line with the beauty of curious tourists willing to heat palace wait their turn.The price of admission to the park Tsarskoe Selo around 200 rubles, while the price of admission to the Tsarskoe Selo palace about 300 rubles.

How to get to Tsarskoe Selo from St Petersburg

Transportation to Tsarskoe Selo is actually quite easy. You can use an electric train from Railway Station or from Peron Vitebskii Vokzal Kupcino to Detske Selo station, and continued with awtobus or marshurtka no. 382, 371. You have to pay around 100 rubles to use both of these. which should be of concern is the electric train at St. Petersburg is not available at any time.

You can also use the transport of Moskovskaya Metro Station and then moved to marshurtka no. 287, 286, 347, 342, and 545. Out of metro, follow the signs to Pulkovo Airport, then take the appropriate marshrutka. when facing obstacles, do not hesitate to ask.

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