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Manila_CityhallManila is the most important city in the Philippines. Besides having an incredible density, Manila also has interesting sights to visit. The architecture of the building in Manila is still inspired by Spanish colonial era in the Philippines. Here’s a list of the best tourist spots in Manila that you need to visit.

Rizal Park

Is a city park that contains a diorama of Philippine history heroes. To go to Rizal Park, you can use the LRT-1 and exit at the United Nations, quite street about 500 meters from the station and you will find the Rizal Park in front of you.


The old town is the center of civilization in the Spanish colonial period in the Philippines. in the complex you will find Intramuros Manila Cathedral, Fort Santiago, San Agustin Church, and the rest of the other civilizations of the old town. Access to Intramuros can use the LRT-1 and exit at the Central Terminal or the United Nations, you just walk about 1 km from the station.

National Museum

Philippine museum complex consisting of the Museum Art Gallery and the National Museum. Located in the northeast of the Rizal Park. You can go to the National Museum by the LRT-1 and exit at the United Nations, enough to walk about 200 meters to reach the museum.

Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park is the largest marine park in the Philippines. This park contains a variety of marine species, and you can do snorkeling and diving activities in the park. to go to Manila Ocean Park, you can just walk away from Rizal Park.

Manila City Hall

Manila’s old city hall located opposite the National Museum. To go to the Manila City Hall, you can use the LRT-1 and exit at the United Nation Station, walk about 200 meters to reach this place.

Binondo or China Town

Township and shopping center as well as the Chinese-owned businesses in Manila. In this place there is also a very famous Binondo Church in Manila. To go to this place you can use the LRT-1 and out in Carriedo, from the station you can go on using a tricycle.

Malate Church

Old Catholic Church is located in the district of Malate. To see the beauty of this church, you can use the LRT-1 and out in Quirino, from the station you can go on using Pedicab to reach this place.

Quiapo City

Quiapo City is the center of the most complete electronics stores and well-known in Metro Manila. Here also there is an old church of Quiapo Church. To go to Quiapo City, you can use that towards Jeepney from Quiapo or Carriedo LRT Station if can use a tricycle.


Is a shopping mall clothing materials include cloth, blankets, clothing, and other. Divisoria is located near China Town.

Cultural Center of Philippines

Building the cultural center of the Philippines has a gallery, theater, and culture exhibition space. Cultural Center of Philippines is located at Roxas Boulevard, near the Yacht Club and the Manila Bay. If using the LRT-1, came out in Vito Cruz, and walk about 1 km to get to this place.

Corregidor Island

The island is used as a battle between their forces and Japan in World War II. In this place there are many remnants history. You can takel daily tours are usually charged a fee of 1,999 pesos. To go to Corregidor Island, you can climb the San Cruise Ferry from CCP Bay Terminal is located in the building next to the CCP.

Manila Baywalk

Is a park located on the edge of Manila Bay which is about 2 km. strongly advised to exercise in the morning or relax in the afternoon while enjoying the sunset here. To go here, you can use the LRT-1 and exit at Vito Cruz or Quirino.

Makati City

Makati City is a modern shopping centers and office buildings in Metro Manila. In the Mall is also a Green Belt Park and Ayala Museum. You can use the MRT-3 and exit at Ayala Station to reach this place.

Recommended Places to Eat in Manila

Public Eating

In the Philippines there are lots of simple food stalls selling food at standard prices and not expensive. How to buy food here is that you can just choose the foods you want and pay according to the amount of food you want.

Wet Market

Wet Market located at the back of SM Mall of Asia. This market is one of the favorite eating places are crowded. With seafood menu as food mainstay of this place.

Manila Baywalk

Near Baywalk Manila Philippines found many typical restaurants. fairly comfortable place to eat dinner while enjoying a lively evening at the Manila Baywalk.

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