Netherland Bicycle Activity in Eindhoven

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Hovenring_2_EindhovenIndustry, Agriculture, and Maritime Sector become the foundation of the state known as the windmill country. The economy advanced life capable of providing welfare for the citizens of small states in the European section. A country that has four seasons, spring, summer, autumn, snow and this gives a lot of beautiful scenery in all areas visited. Thing about them is the famous Dutch tulips, windmills, wooden shoes, and so on.

As one of the developed countries in Europe, the Netherlands provide a better life for its citizens. Although the Dutch people have a lot of money, they very rarely use private motorized vehicle such as a motorcycle or car. Dutch people more likely to use a bicycle or public transport such as buses and trams. Speaking about bikes, the Netherlands became the state of ranks number one in the world with the highest number of bicycle users from top10hell version.

In addition to people who love cycling, the Dutch government is very concerned with the transport activity. Evidently they build up a lot of lanes for bikes and parking area for bicycles. Place for bikes available at strategic places in the city and the train station. One of the friendly Dutch city with cyclists is Vldhoven and Eindhoven. Both the City Government gives priority to the development of the bike on the side of the track to the edge of the highway so the cyclist comfortable in doing the activity.

One of the landmarks in this city is a suspension bridge for bike path with a circle. Delft IPV which is a design and engineering firm designing this bike path named Hovenring. Bridge with a diameter of 236 meters and was built hanging relying on a central pole with a steel cable fastener. The uniqueness of the path that crosses the circle would make the cyclist passing a bridge like this while looking at the city from a distance.

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