Kremlhof Theater Villach in Austria

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Photo by Kremhloftheater
Photo by Kremhloftheater

Kremlhof Theater is the smallest theater in the world. Located in Austria, precisely in the city of Villach. The theater can not be witnessed by many people, especially when compared with European-class theater that can accommodate thousands of people. Theatre stage with the size of approximately 1.69 square meters is only able to accommodate as many as eight spectators. Although small, Kremhlof Theater always contains all of the typical Austrian interesting performances such as ballet and opera.

Kremhlof Theater was built in 2009 by Felix Strasser and Yulia Izmaylova. To be able to see a variety show that was held by the theater, must make a donation to the audience because it Kremhlof Theater does not sell tickets. Onex drama company, Karnol, and der Verein zur Anregung des Dramatischen Appetits ( Vada ) is a theater organization that contributed the funds for Kremhlof. Schnee is the title of the first show held at the theater in 2010. The show is successful enough to provide entertainment for the surrounding community.

In addition to the title of the smallest theater in the world, The uniqueness of this theater is a form like building tree houses and standing on the ground. Kremlhof Theater is also a means to build relationships between people who have different backgrounds nation, as evidenced by the frequent display of musical theater choreography and performances by children using a variety of languages such as German, Russian, and Slovak. The brain behind the idea of ??this show is Felix Strasser, head of the Kremlhof theater.

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