Myrdal to Oslo Route, Norway in a Nutshell Review

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photo by Giorgio Giorgetti
photo by Giorgio Giorgetti

Flamsbana train to Myrdal Station. From here you can connect the train to Oslo. Your adventure in Norway will be completed. In contrast to Flam, Myrdal has no tourist spots that can be visited while waiting for the train. One place that can be visited only a small train station that was packed with other passengers. New trains will come in an hour, when you look at the landscape Myrdal. It turns out the city is very beautiful. High mountains with snow on the mountain top spot with a dashing shade the city, you really lose if you miss this beautiful moment.

The trip to Oslo will be taken within five hours. Scenery outside the train changed rapidly, the same scenery that you see when you go to Bergen. An astonishing sight greeted travelers after a train passing through a long, dark tunnel towards Finse Station, snow cover almost all of the land out there, creating a timeless white color that escape from the sun is warm, the frozen lake showing a thin layer of brittle ice that will be destroyed if it receives the load is too heavy.

For those of you who have never seen snow will surely stunned at the sight, all white and looks cool, but you’ll stay warm because watching from behind a thick window train. That afternoon as members Finse best sights for tourists who will leave Bergen and return to their home countries in the near future, you are advised to always record this scene not only in photo but in the memory and will never forget the scenery on Earth Norway.

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