Flam to Myrdal Route, Norway in a Nutshell Review

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photo by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho
photo by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho

Before continuing the journey towards Myrdal, you have two hours in town Flam. Oriented small tourist town seems to have been deliberately designed to welcome tourists who come to visit. Almost all house is a restaurant, cafe, or shop for souvenirs. You may be happy to come out and get in there and souvenir shops full of souvenirs containing typical Scandinavian. You will feel like in heaven souvenirs.

The harder part is when looking for a cheap restaurant for lunch, in a small town is not much choice of restaurants and price menu offered quite expensive. Your trip to Oslo later still long, you need to try the lunch and diner-style old locomotives that offer Dagens Meny. Although Dagens Meny, you still need to pay 126 NOK for a lunch of meat balls, pieces of fresh carrots, potatoes, coarsely chopped nuts, and served with raspberry sauce. A cup of steaming hot cappuccino can accompany lunch har it as a complement to your sightseeing activities.

Once full, and say goodbye to the high cliffs surrounding misty Flam, you can board a train green Flamsbana antic that would later pass through the Flam Railway. Flam Railway lines into the list of Top 10 European Train Trips from National Geographic is like to complement the beauty of natural scenery Norway has been seen previously and a closing trip Norway in a Nutshell tour that you follow. Hearing the news that the Flam Railway route to be taken is very pretty, then you need to look for a strategic position in the train. All in order to get maximum views. The choice fell to the right side of the train which did in fact bring the beautiful scenery when compared to the left side of the train.

Glimpses of landscape change on every corner and the train tunnel. Snow-capped mountains, waterfalls down the cliffs, dense forests in the valleys of the mountains, and raging rivers. Actually, almost all of the sights you have seen in the fjord cruise. However, in the Flam Railway route is very special. Such as fjord tour, Flam Railway is also equipped with information in several languages ​​that explain the area being bypassed. In mid-journey, machinist member information that the train will pass through the great waterfall and the train will stop for ten minutes so that passengers can get off and see the falls more closely. Strong winds along with fine water droplets directly hit when tourists get off the train, this waterfall is very large and create a sound that rumbles. You will be hard to capture the moment this waterfall in the middle of the bitter cold and the water droplets that always meets the camera lens.

When tourists are busy dealing with the camera and the sound of music and a girl dancing next to a waterfall, it looks so tiny and fragile when coupled with torrential waterfall on the side. Immediately, all the passenger trains and directs her pointing their camera towards the girl. Train whistle blared as passengers have to sign back up to the train to continue the journey towards Myrdal.

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