Most Favorite Nightlife City in Indonesia

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Sunset_Gili_TrawanganFun weekend with friends to actually pass the modification. usually, bali being used just like a fan favorite nightlife. however who would have thought, there will be 6 alternative cities that too had sparkling night. collected by asiafreetravel, friday these some cities besides bali, who has got a fun nightlife :

Solo, Central Java

Town of solo in central java too had an enjoyable evening. is galabo aka gladag langen bogan solo where most residents and tourists to actually pay the night.

This could be a special space located in jl mayor sunaryo. sometimes, at night this road will certainly be closed and used just like a typical evening snack solo. a number of possibly the most famous is that the beggar satay, noodles thoprak, wedang round, and whip rambak.

Nearly every night, galabo space crowded with tourists in addition to folks of solo. there will be only wish to actually sit back, others had come back to actually see the crowd immediately galabo. and just what in regards to you ?

Gili Trawangan, Lombok

Being in lombok, gili trawangan is definitely on your smaller islands have fun nightlife. travellers will feel it directly within the central. this is that the center of nightlife gili trawangan.

Sparkling lights, and chanting loud music enveloped sental gili trawangan every night. there will be several cafes lined with a spread of entertainment there. begin of magic, stage a mini musical, to actually show the film might potential realize there.

A lot of nights, the atmosphere within the central all the more festive. foreign tourists, that are dominating gili trawangan, began to actually arrive one by one. they actually selected the cafes that roughly fun to actually enter. therefore it’s with you. log in and follow drift because we are part of a glittering night at central.

Not merely a cafe, central is additionally stuffed with several outlets selling varied souvenirs typical of lombok. this store could be an choice for tourists who may not wish to actually bother to appear for souvenirs. however remember, in most cases the worth of goods within the look 2 times pricier when compared to the normal worth.


Therefore talk about town utilizing a busy nightlife, the town of yogyakarta would immediately press on the list. yes, the town does have nights sleep pity if passed by quickly.

You’ll walk towards the main square. nearly every night, the space is usually crowded with locals and tourists. much of them assume its one in all the most beneficial corners to actually feel the atmosphere of yogyakarta.

Travellers who come back to actually see this famous rows of yogyakarta. varied typical menu was presented, an example would be warm, krecek and rather more. Whereas eating dinner, feel the warm atmosphere on your town of yogyakarta is within the square.


A town that would be clearly within the list of places with sparkling nightlife. not a weekend, but as well as virtually every night this bustling town. thus, jakarta is typically said like the town that never sleeps.

There will be several fun places to invest the night in jakarta, like kemang space crammed with the use of a form of cafes, further like the previous town. for our latter, this is created use of being a location where a large amount of young folks hang out.

Within the previous town space, you might want to benefit from the evening by enjoying the bicycle, or take pictures. there will be several beautiful previous buildings and photographed a proper spot.

Batu, East Java

Despite the cold temperature, it doesn’t mean you will have to pay a night in stone town with warm themselves in the space. go out and realize a crowd there. stone town isn’t no more than restricted evening activities till 22 :00 pm. the town is continually bustling till well past midnight. don’t believe ? attempt it came straight to actually square regions stone.

Stone square is arguably one purpose on your town at night, particularly at night sunday. in case it s, there will be a large amount of folks sitting in the midst on your park, or possibly hanging out in varied cafes and stalls. if you do in fact need a snack, you must attempt one in all his trademark meals, which is certainly sticky rice. there, there will be several stalls selling sticky rice that invaded folks. additional fun once more, the stalls are open till 03. 00 pm.

Bandung, West Java

Bandung in west java too be one on your places with exciting nightlife. same as jakarta, bandung too be one on your bustling town virtually every night, particularly at night sunday.

One on your places that can possibly be visited is hanging dago space. additionally to actually met by clothing outlets, dago can be stuffed with rows of restaurants. you and friends will pay the night by hanging out there.

There will be several menus are presented, ranging from western food, till sunda. thus, return midnight, sipping warm body with the use of a distinctive ginger west java. warm !

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