Make a Lunch in Kapuas River Cruise Ship

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KMP_Silok_120326_0046_tynPontianak when visiting, don’t visit the equator monument course. come back in the banks on your kapuas river and revel in lunch whereas cruise. guaranteed delicious !

The initial day on your group girls across borneo expedition team arrived in pontianak, show time at 09 :00 pm. from a short briefing, the organizers on your expedition caldera invited reporters to actually perhaps one of the restaurants inside the side of the kapuas river. his name serasan restaurant.

It was actually after 11 :00 pm whenever the group arrived for the restaurant serasan. cars should pass via a rather dense settlements, the way in the restaurant was rather small. though when these arrive, the waitress greeted us was terribly friendly.

Would you like to sit within the whole restaurant or inside the ship ? asked perhaps one of the waiters, monday. rather than just sit within the restaurant, we selected to reach up in the boats that float within the whole kapuas river. originally the ship was silent inside the surface of calm water. though when there will be alternative boats passing inside the river, creating the ship slightly wave bobbing !

Other then our stand won’t be shaken. the whole lot started ordering food for lunch. i selected sweet and bitter squid rice and vegetables. there’s additionally a alternative of fried rice, fried noodles, sauteed vegetables, and seafood are pegged in the worth per ounce. average worth per ounce seafood is rp 15, 000.

one of ourselves ordered a typical menu : spicy bitter fish senangin. not long after came the waiter with the use of a tray of order. senangin fish were placed in a significant bowl was apparently terribly delicious. bitter and spicy, truly a good mix of flavors.

Your ship won’t going inside the run ? asked perhaps one of the waitresses. this point the establishment was shaky, we shook. i will not imagine lunch within the whole boat bobbing as waves. i imagine it was actually already nauseous.

Other then anyway eventually agenda cruise still can possibly be done. after eating and lose bowels and get a whereas, the ships captain named ahmad ( 42 ) took within the helm. exercise of ships belonging in the serasan restaurant, a regular hour wading kapuas river.

It feels smart, stomach full as well as a large amount of fascinating scenery that can possibly be enjoyed under the kapuas river. lunch time is incredibly impressive, tasting typical native fish at the exact time see the real face of pontianak via cruise.

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