Livraria da Vila Bookstore by Isay Weinfeld in Cidade Jardim

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Photo by Marcela Re Ribeiro
Photo by Marcela Re Ribeiro

Livraria da Vila is a haven for fans of the various books from around the world. This unique brazilian bookstore is one of the tourist destinations recommended by many travelers when on vacation in Brazil. This unique book store is very well known in Brazil, because of the uniqueness of this bookstore in almost no other like this bookstore in the world. The hallmark of Livraria Da Vila bookstore is a line of large bookshelf into the entrance to the Livraria Da Vila.

At night, the bookstore is more lively with lights mounted on the large bookcase. So you don’t have to be afraid to read a book in the Livraria da Vila. The bookstore size is very large, but it is also strategically located in the Cidade Jardim Mall, one of the largest Shopping Center in Sao Paulo. Owner of Livraria da Vila said that indeed he plans to grow the business and increase sales in the book store. Therefore, Livraria da villa built in the bustling commercial center.

Isay Weinfeld is the designer of Livraria da Vila. With a unique and not boring design, the bookstore may be the answer for nerds to get a different reading experience and memorable. Wide of Livraria da Vila are around 2300 meters and has two floor levels. The atmosphere in each room is made different by the owner. In addition find various collections of books neatly arranged on a large shelf, more comfortable chairs and sofas create a better cozy atmosphere.

Livraria da Vila also friendly with children, this book store provides a special room for children to reading and playing at once. In addition to books and toys, indoor theater also provided a stage for fun storytelling event.

If you feel bored after reading book, it does not hurt to enjoy a cup of coffee in the cafe that is still located in the complex of Livraria da Vila. You can also chat while relaxing with family and friends much longer. From behind a large transparent glass, you also can see the activity of a crowd people outside.

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