Little Mermaid in Newton Perry Theater, Weeki Wachee Springs

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Weeki_Wachee_SpringsThe Little Mermaid is a fairy tale character who is very popular all over the world. The Little Mermaid character is actually not real. What’s interesting is the Little Mermaid fairy tale have beauty of the face that managed to amaze many people.

Although not real, you can still find a mermaid world that is almost similar to that described. Located at Weeki Wachee Springs Recreation Park, Newton Perry Underwater Theater Swimming Pool flaunt mermaid world atmosphere, complete with a figure of a mermaid dancing with a wagging colorful tail. A smile and wave of the mermaid will hypnotize anyone who had been to Newton Perry Underwater Theater. The Little Mermaid is not alone there, turtles and fish be a fun playmate for them. Equipped with beautiful decoration underwater, Weeki Wachee Springs Theme Park maybe is the world’s best mermaid home.

Since October 13, 1947, the mermaid show at Weeki Wachee Springs continues to provide attractive and beautiful appearance. Mermaid cast of beautiful women in the theater practicing under water with a guide to famous dance trainer named Newt Perry, they are essentially water ballet dancer who turned into a mermaid by using costumes.

Newton Perry Underwater Theater located inside Playground Weeki Wachee Springs. This place is located in Tampa, about two hours away from Florida. Travelers can see the mermaid show by just pay the entrance fee of U.S. $ 13.

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