Journey From Mount Ifugao to Beach in Vigan

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Hanging_Coffin_SagadaBefore leaving to Vigan, it never hurts to souvenir shopping in several stores near the bus stop. There are several kinds of souvenirs are sold here, such as embroidered bags for around 100 pesos, with the theme of Sagada jerseys are sold at a price of 300 pesos, 50 pesos for key chains, and many some other crafts.

There are two types of regular buses serving the route towards Baguio Sagada, namely GL Trans and lizard. There is a five-time departure from Sagada every day. The schedule depends on the season and weather. If the weather is bad, the trip will be reduced or some buses do not operate for the safety of the trip. The normal course of about six hours for the current road conditions and the weather is nice. The trip to Baguio was crossing the hilly, mountainous Ifugao combing the winding and steep. The road is narrow and foggy weather is often rainy in the afternoon is a constraint that is often experienced in every way to and from Sagada to Baguio. At the beginning of your trip will not see a sign of rain or heavy fog as the sun shines above so hot Sagada. However, so goes the clock, all the windows were closed by the conductor because it was raining very heavy. Thick fog accompany his way to Baguio, visibility is only about 20 minutes. Buses run very slowly because of an accident-prone road in the narrow, winding and viewing distance is so short.

Increasingly terrible trip does not go as the rain stopped, while some roads damaged by landslides. In the mountains of Ifugao, landslides and blocked roads are commonplace. Ifugao mountains undulating land prone to landslides because of the mountains just ditumbhi by lower plants, highways often collapsed due to erosive soils and unstable. It can be a chore for the Philippine government to build roads along the mountains of Ifugao.
Dangwa Station is located in the City of Baguio became a transit point you towards Vigan City. From the bus terminal, you need to ride a taxi to the bus terminal Partas to cost about 50 pesos. Partas bus terminal, you will find many buses going towards Vigan. Happy Holidays.

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