Cheap Travel Destination in Ilocos, Phillipines

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Pagudpud_BeachTourist itineraries that you can travel from Partas Bus Station, you can walk around Vigan Heritage. Taking the bus and proceed towards Loang tricycle ride to the bus station which will go to Pagudpud. Having arrived in Pagudpud, you can get around using a tricycle or walk along the beach and the resort. Ilocos Region has a very well known and will be busy in April to June.

Transportation in Ilocos

If you depart from Baguio, you can ride the bus Partas from the nearest bus terminal. There you will find several bus bound for Vigan and to Loang, bus fare from Baguio to the Vigan around 295 pesos with travel time of about 4 hours.
If you are departing from Manila, you can ride the bus Partas which can be found at Aurora Boulevard 816 , Cubao, Quezon City. Buses serving contained herein journey to Loang, Baguio and Vigan.

Having arrived in Vigan, the trip can proceed to Pagudpud. You can take a bus to get to Loang, usually located along the main street of Vigan City. Rates Bus headed from Vigan to Loang are about 90 pesos. Having arrived in the City Loang, you can ride the tricycle to the bus station going towards Pagudpud. Bus fare from Loang to Pagudpud around 70 pesos.

You can also go to Pagpudpud from Manila. Florida Bus Liner that led to Benaue can take you to get to Pagudpud. The Terminals is located in St. Loyala. 1415 Sampaloc, Manila. Usually buses leave at night around 20:00. Bus fare to get to Pagudpud it’s about 550 pesos.

Popular Travel Destinations in Ilocos

Pagudpud Beach and Cave

Pagudpud has many popular tourist attractions and is very famous for the beautiful beaches and natural landscape. Some of them such as the Blue Lagoon, Saud Beach, Kaibigan Waterfall, and Bantay Abot Cave. All of these sights can only be reached by tricycle because there is no public transportation here.

Heritage City of Vigan

Vigan City has been registered to the UNESCO World Heritage. It only took two hours to get around the city to enjoy the rest of the Spanish heritage. a time to stay in this city in order to enjoy the atmosphere of a classic evening.

Favorite Lodging in Ilocos

Recommended Resort in Pagudpud

Many resorts are available cheap and comfortable along Pagudpud Beach, you can choose the most interesting places and as you want. Rates for single room per night is usually around 800 pesos.

Cheap hotels in Vigan

To be able to experience the feel of the Old City of Vigan, you can stay in the hotel at Crisologi St. hotels along this road usually occupies the old building, and also with distinctive interior spanish colonial era relic. In addition, you can also stay in a standard hotel like in Grandpa’s Inn, Cordillera Inn, and the Museum at the rate of about 1300 pesos to 1500 pesos per night for single room.

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