Japan and South Korea Tourism Relationship

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Japan and South Korea are like travel buddies these days, and the tourist numbers are the proof in the pudding!

According to a chill report from Business Korea on Thursday (1/2), Japan is all the rage with a total of 25.07 million tourists. And guess who’s leading the fan club? You got it, South Korea, with a whopping 6.96 million travelers making the trip.

Now, this is where it gets interesting. It’s not just a one-way street. Nope, both countries are into this tourism exchange thing. Besides sending a flock of tourists to Japan, many Japanese folks are vibing with South Korea for their vacay.

Hold onto your hats—2.32 million Japanese tourists set foot in Korea, making up 21% of the 11.03 million international jet-setters exploring the Land of Ginseng.

This is like history-making stuff! It’s been 11 years since 2012 that Japan has taken the lead in sending tourists to South Korea. Back in 2013, it was the Chinese crew at the top with 4.33 million, and Japan was at 2.75 million.

Fast forward to post-pandemic days, and the K-Wave is riding high, especially with American tourists flooding South Korea and taking the crown in 2021 and 2022.

But hey, in 2023, the tables turned. Japanese tourists are back in the limelight, and guess what? South Korean tourists in Japan are going strong, thanks to a little help from the friendly exchange rate. They’re three times more than Japanese tourists heading to South Korea.

After the South Korean squad, Japan is playing host to tourists from Taiwan (4.20 million), China (2.43 million), Hong Kong (2.11 million), and the United States (2.05 million).

The surge in tourist numbers between these two buddies is all about new flight routes since the pandemic. And some peeps are saying that the better friendship vibes since March 2023 are also playing a part. Travel on, buds!

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